Mocktails in the World

I just read the article about WDW mocktails and was, underwhelmed with the list of five. Is there a more comprehensive list of WDW mocktails anywhere?

We are headed to the world at the end of the month and I am not a fan of almost any alcohol (it tastes awful to me) and am traveling w/ my 20yo dd who while I am sure would love to have the versions w/ alcohol …that is not gonna happen. :upside_down_face:

This is the perfect opportunity for dd and I to kick back w/ some fancy drinks and would love to have an idea of what we should look for and what is worth trying.

I will note that dd is the coffee girl so fancy coffee options are welcome. I will find something else as coffee tastes almost as bad as beer.

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There was a thread a bit ago…

We must have very similar taste buds!!

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As a non-coffee alternative at coffee places, if you want something warm (I know, I know, Florida so maybe not), try steamed milk with flavored syrup added. For instance, a “caramel steamer” basically tastes like a yummy melted caramel sundae. I’ve steered several non-coffee friends that way that really like those.

On the cold side, many places have some version of a non-coffee Frappuccino. There might be a frozen version of a caramel steamer? (So basically similar to a caramel shake.)

I don’t remember any drink names, but I had great mocktails at Oga’s, Nomad’s Place and the drink stand on Pandora.

Thank you!!! I will review and take notes!

I will live. We will be there 9/30-10/5 so I am expecting that I won’t need many warm drinks. :slight_smile:

…and talk to me about boba? I see them in many of the drink descriptions.

It seems, odd to me. What is the consistency? Are they filled w/ anything? Do they dissolve on their own or are they designed to be chewed? (If the latter does it make the drink a snack? :rofl:)

These are all great questions! The teen in my house is a huge boba fan but lacks pertinent life experience to answer some of the questions (what’s tapioca !?!)

My sister and I suspect boba has tapioca pearls. Which ought to make boba a snack.

But drinking food thru a straw in a beverage seems too weird.

[Doesn’t matter that my favorite milkshake is chocolate with raspberry bits :wink:]

Eta: I’m also a non coffee person and very limited alcohol.

I’m not too keen on boba, but DH and the kids definitely are. We got a kit so they occasionally make it at home.

They don’t dissolve on their own. They aren’t filled with anything but are consistent throughout (not hollow). You chew them. The texture is gelatinous (varies from tapioca to jello consistency). They are typically soaked in sugar so are sweet.

DH recommends it for those that like to chew ice, but without risking damaging teeth.

They all think it’s fun to capture them in the straw and slurp then up. It should come with a wider than usual straw.

Thank you, that was very helpful!

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I actually looked boba up for another reason* and discovered they are tapioca. From everyone’s fav source, wikipedia: He was inspired to serve cold tea by a trip to Japan on which he saw coffee being served cold.[3] The chain claims to have invented bubble milk tea in March 1987[4] when Hsiuhwei Lin (林秀慧) poured tapioca into a tea drink on a whim.[5]

*This robotics group the kid is in is horrid at posting on their group events whether or not they are attending. :grimacing: I was wondering at bribes for the first ever-how-many, thinking of boba. And that rabbit hole led to the article.

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My favorite mocktails were at The Edison! They have great options. Nomad Lounge has some good ones too, especially the one that somehow manages to mix guava and coffee and still be delicious.

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Adding the Nomad coffee/guava to the list for dd.

We aren’t visiting DS this trip, but I will keep the Edison on the “next time” list. :slight_smile: