What are your top non-alcoholic recommendations?

I’ve reached that happy age where I really can’t drink alcoholic drinks any more. They just make me sleepy at best, and unwell at worst.

But non-alcoholic cocktails often just sound like fruit juice and Sprite, which isn’t very exciting.

So what have you come across that’s more creative and interesting? Obviously Butterbeer, blue and green milk — and, of course, Frappuccinos.

What else?


Diet Coke?

Actually, I am interested in responses as well. We don’t generally focus on drinks much, apart from what you already stated.

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Not. Helpful.

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I’m a sucker for a frozen coke and they have a lot of different variations throughout the parks.

My DS swears by the Carbon Freeze at Oga’s

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Does not compute.


My inability to drink alcohol is really a disability. I wonder if it qualifies me for DAS.


The night blossom in Pandora is delicious.
We’re also big fans of the slushies from Big Top Souvenirs in MK and Goofy’s Candy Co in DS.

Oh and dole whip float counts as a drink, right?


Wrong thread to start down that path… :wink:


I found that so overly sweet I couldn’t even drink it. And I am not someone that avoids sugar. My DH loved it though.

My kids love the soda from Japan that you have to push the glass ball into the bottle.

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Drinking alcohol makes me sleepy and dehydrated. On cruises I enjoy “Mocktails” but never thought to look for them at WDW. I hope some people chime in with some ideas.

It was the first thing I thought of.

Top 10 Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Walt Disney World - Disney Dining Information

I can’t tell how old this is. Most sound awful… like sugar and water and food dye.


Also one from a few years ago:

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I always wondered what those sodas with the glass balls were like. Also, why? Does the ball do something to the soda?
I may try to convince my DD19 to try with me.

I too rarely partake in any alcoholic beverages. I think one of my favorites is the Night Blossom at Pongo Pongo in Pandora. It is sweet but an interesting mix of flavors.


I think they help with the carbonation. :woman_shrugging: My kids thought they were fun the first time, and now they are a must get every trip.


There were several nonalcoholic options at Oga’s Cantina that looked good to me - one I tried was the Cliff Dweller. The taste was great but I didn’t love all the crushed ice - someone who likes chewing ice would love it though. My family will be going to Oga’s in a few weeks so I’ll try to remember to post what we like here.


I want to remember this thread. Good stuff.

Also don’t forget milk shakes and smoothies.


My kids really liked the Carbon Freeze and the Blue Bantha. My coffee-loving DD20 did not like the Black Spire Brew. (The bartender noticed she wasn’t drinking it and swapped it for another Carbon Freeze. Yea!)

Also, someone mentioned on one of the threads and also on Yelp that it is possible to get a Cliff Dweller without keeping the souvenir mug at a regular price.


Does it have to be creative and interesting?

There are lots of tried and true options - root beer, apple cider, and real lemonade (and all of it’s add-on siblings like blueberry lemonade, strawberry lemonade, etc) come to mind. I try to drink mostly water, but if I’m going to indulge in some liquid sugar these are some of my favorites.

Also, there are a lot of varieties of tea and tisanes out there to try. I’m particularly fond of peach tea. I doubt you need someone from the US to teach you about tea, though. :grin:

If creative and interesting are a must, it looks like Takumi-Tei has some interesting options. Well, when it’s open.

But the mug is adorable if you want one! :wink:

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