Memory Share for Feb 2022 - Closed group

I was inspired by the thread for memory maker shares for late 2021.

Anyone interested for Feb 2022? Actually, these are our dates. So, maybe if there was more interest in late-Jan, it could start then.

1/29 We hope to do a late breakfast at Toppolino’s on arrival day. But I don’t think they have photographers there. If they don’t, we wouldn’t start to use it until 1/30, our first park day.

2/11 is our last park day.

If there isn’t enough interest to make it cheap, I’ll just join that facebook group. But, I’d rather be with you guys.

I would be interested. My visit is January 30 till February 6. Last park day would be February 5.

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I’m also interested but going a bit later than you. Feb 12-18th. Hopefully that will work out.

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So we have three people from 1/30 - 2/18. So, that would be $56 assuming three. Hopefully some more people would be interested.

Keep me posted. Excited to be part of a share again. :grinning:

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How many days can it go? My dates are 3/1 - 3/14.

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They seem to only go for 30 days.
I’ve never done one of these before.

We did one in 2019 for what ended up being about $30 and it was great. I’d be up for trying it again. Our dates are Feb 16-19

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So we have four people from 1/30 - 2/19. So, down to $43. That price is low enough that I’d be willing to do it if you guys were game. One more person would bring it down to $34 assuming there isn’t tax.

I’m going 1/25-1/29 and would be interested, if that works with everyone’s dates.

So we have five people from 1/25 - 2/19. So, down to $34 assuming there isn’t tax. So, $34-ish. That seems a reasonable price for the photos.

I looked up the nitty-gritty because I was worried the latest traveler would only have a couple of days to download the photos. But, that isn’t the case. This is from Disney.

Memory Maker includes all your Disney PhotoPass media from within 30 days from the date of activation. Your Disney PhotoPass media will be available to download until that media expires pursuant to our expiration policy.

Please download all your Disney PhotoPass photos and videos before they expire (45 days from the date they’re taken). Once they expire, they can no longer be purchased or downloaded.

You can not only download your own Disney PhotoPass photos, but also those of up to 25 members of your Family & Friends who share media with you.

I’m still on board. Let me know final payment and any thing else I must do. Thanks for taking the lead.

I’m MLK weekend jan 14-18 if you guys are cool with having someone early on the front end. I’ve managed three and would love someone else to join instead of start one :slight_smile: would be happy to advise if needed.

The earliest we could start is Jan 20th. Otherwise it would cut off on the other end.
But, I could use some advice. So, far I’ve setup a dummy account.

Happy to share info. if you PM me your email, I can send you an email with all the details someone once shared with me.

No pressure, but you can actually stretch to 45 days if needed. It’s early days and I’m cool with finding another group along the way. Just something to keep in mind as you guys pick up another group member.

I used this years ago. Not sure how revenant it is today.

I think they squashed that ability to extend it to 45 days. The clock starts when it is first used.

Memory Maker includes all your Disney PhotoPass media from within 30 days from the date of activation.

That would have been nice though.

Thank you for that pdf! That was just what I needed. It seems that everything else is still accurate.

Ok great to know. Just let me know final total and form of payment.

If there’s still room for more I’d love to join. My daughter and I will be there 1/30-2/4.

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