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The kid was at a homeschool “prom” last night so I mentioned Dr Strange to my sister. She questioned my sanity as well as the slim probability of acquiring tickets.

So we watched Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+ instead. Which I’d not seen before, somehow.

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Sounds like a good reason to choose the 2D version. My local cinema has both, with many more showings of the 2D.


Dr Strange relted comment after just getting back from seeing it.

I am really, really mad they made this world Wanda the bad guy. I loved WandaVision and the portrait of her greif, but at the end, she realized she couldn’t hurt others because of it. So where TF did this Wanda come from? All they needed was for her to be from a different multiverse where she didn’y learn this lesson until the end of the movie (like our Wanda did in the series). So I am just going to think of it that way :innocent:


I agree!! Was not a fan of this twist at all. It did not compute with my feelings left over from Wandavision.
I like your way of thinking of it

This article covers it well! (Note it is full of spoilers) ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ Does ‘WandaVision’ Dirty | Decider

My favorite quote - it sums up my feelings amd encapsulates why I am sitting here feeling betrayed by Marvel stuios as a fan: I do not understand how I, a normal-ass person with a Disney+ account, understood more about Wanda Maximoff’s storyline than Marvel Studios.

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No idea what the big deal was about at all…Honestly the clickbait world made more of a big deal of it. Seriously had all the * BANNED* articles not have been blowing up my social media, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was a thing.

Watched Dr. Strange yesterday. I give it a 6/10. I agree with some of the comments above. I was overly disappointed at the approach they took for this film.

Wanda losing all sense of morality and out-write murdering people does not sit well with me. It feels so out of character for the Wanda we all a familiar with an have grown up with in the 616 universe. To have here justify trying to murder America Chavez feels just wrong. To have them not come up with a better motive than a woman being controlled by her emotions feels like a huge step backwards.

I probably would have accepted it more if the Wanda was one from another universe where she has not had time to go through the WandaVision show and had other motives.

It is a shame they destroyed my Favorite Marvel character in this story. Even if she found a way to survive at the end, I do not know how you bring her back from the evil and carnage. (see below for my new Favorite)

Some of the dialogue seemed weak and not well thought out to me. It felt forced and cheesy at times.

Although I give them props for coming up with a new way to have a battle, the musical note fight made me immediately think they had ulterior motives. It made me think they were pressured by Disney to try and come up with a way to have more Marvel in the parks. Creating a scene that could easily be placed into the PhilharMagic theatre.

Also, having the Illuminati in the movie was an interesting idea. It does make me wonder if Marvel is falling into a trap where they need to surprise us with new characters every movie. They may be falling into a trap of just looking at showcasing all the characters they have rather than developing a quality story with great dialogue.

I just have to say…my new favorite Marvel Character Captain Britain was great to see after here introduction in What If. I was disappointed at how weak they made her…How easy she was taken out by the Scarlett Witch was disappointing.

Right now I am still confused at the direction they are heading post-Thanos. Marvel had a good run up until then, hopefully they can pull this wreck out of the ditch before they start losing us.


Saw Strange yesterday. Still thinking through some things. Overall, loved it.

I avoided spoilers and didn’t realize how much it would be a WandaVision sequel as much as a Dr. Strange one, maybe even moreso.
I see several people being disappointed with the direction of her becoming so unstable and evil. But remember Scarlet Witch’s history in the comics. She constantly makes extreme and destructive choices after trauma and has constant control issues. I feel like MCU was trying to stay truer to the comics here rather than have her capable of permanent positive growth as a character. In the comics, she became unhinged about Magneto and cast a spell to disarm all mutants of their powers, summoned demons, formed evil alliances, then ended up killing Antman and Hawkeye and breaking up the Avengers. She’s one of the biggest villains there has been, and any stretches of good are temporary and mostly self-serving. Not surprising to see her corrupted by the Darkhold in desperation to get what she wants, and any level of evil and instability was within the borders of the character, including the killing spree of Prof. X, Mr. Fantastic, Peggy et. al. which felt like a nod to the comics. If this is it for her, I have no issue with what went down. Someone else will have to be the feel-good and redemption story.

I thought we got a huge question at least somewhat answered about the memory spell in No Way Home. Since this universe’s Strange mentioned this universe’s Spiderman and recalled his involvement in defeating Thanos, the spell seems to have erased the memory of Peter Parker as Spiderman and Peter altogether to those who knew him. But the actions of Spiderman are remembered and part of MCU canon.

Did everyone see Wanda’s “kids” watching Oswald the Rabbit? Nice easter egg.

Just during writing this out, I’m appreciating the movie more. Where it goes from here is exciting and pretty much unlimited as we’ve learned there are at least 73 universes and a ton of characters’ stories that can overlap in both predictable and unexpected ways now. It was smart to let Endgame be such an inflection point as it had so much closure, and move to a new phase with new rules. The interest in MCU remains off the charts and Disney was smart to buy it.


Yep! Loved that!

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My issue is that the director (who helped write it) didn’t even watch the series and didn’t even know the series existed when he first started working on it. Clearly he understood her from the comics. For comic book readers, I am sure this is great.

I have’t read the comics so I don’t care what she is like in the comics. I watched the movies and the series on D+. And if Disney/Marvel want me to continue to be invested in stories and characters that go from big screen to small screen and back, they better ensure continuity from one to the next.

(Includes STAR WARS spoiler)

I blame Kevin Feige. He owns the vision and he should have done better. Marvel managed the character arcs over a decade and a half throughout more than a dozen films, including minor characters. I assumed whatever I saw on D+ would be honored in film. But instead we got something more like the last three Star Wars movies. 3 good movies that I thoroughly enjoyed, but that did not hang together. Understanding a character in one film didn’t give you much insight into that character in the next. Was Rye “no one”? Apparently not. The series was the worse for the lack of consistency. Marvel has been the opposite, until now.

WandaVision told a beautiful story, and that character arc was in no way preserved in this movie. Why didn’t she want a world where she was with Vision too? Her grief over him was the nexus of all of it! Why walk an audience through her redemption just to have her inexplicably turn into the big evil?

If I had never seen Wanda Vision I would have thoroughly enjoyed this move. I did enjoy this movie, except that the excitment I had for the big screen to D+ and back again experiment feels betrayed. A few small plot changes and it could have been avoided. It is the multiverse! Plenty of room for both the comic book Wanda and WandVision Wanda to exist.

I feel passionately about this!


:joy: i represent the many who only watch the movies and have never looked through a Marvel comic in their life.

I can somewhat come to terms with it when I factor in the Darkhold’s influence on her. She could’ve gone into it with good intentions, but ultimately the Darkhold’s corruption is unavoidable. Though if that is true, and continuity says it should be, outlook won’t be positive for Dr Strange without some serious help. Speaking of, that third eye freaked me the f*** out

Ultimately, I reserve my right to be disappointed with Wanda’s story arc and still have thoroughly enjoyed the movie. That’s the beauty of caring for characters while also enjoying a franchise. But seriously, wtf the preoccupation with the kids instead of Vision? Why even have to choose? Surely a universe exists where they’re all a big happy family.


I’m simultaneously thankful and annoyed by all the blurring :sweat_smile:

I already saw some spoilers in some facebook comment so I’m trying to be cautious

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Hahaha anytime a movei comes out it gets this way. I always try to at least identify what movie or show is being spoiled!


Me too :laughing:
I’m a good week or two away from seeing it, so there will be a lot to go through afterwards :rofl:

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Got through Moon Knight on my return flight from Chicago. I watched the end credit scene as we were were pulling up to the gate. Talk about good timing.

I’m happy to say it wasn’t nearly as tough to watch as I anticipated. Other than the sibling dying (mine ran away at 16 instead, leaving me at 9 to fend for myself), that family portrayed in episode 5 was pretty much exactly my life from about 8-12yo. The belt was the only thing that made me look away until the scene ended. Even then, I don’t think that was necessary. I only wish I had plugged my ears instead.

That actor was PHENOMENAL in his performance. I only have one nitpicky note, but I don’t want to get focused on that and forget how well the character was portrayed.

I also finally watched No Way Home with the family last night and I loved it! All of it. (Well, except for May. I loved Tomei’s version of her.

It’s been years since I’ve laughed that much during a movie and I could tell the boys were getting frustrated with me, but I was just so giddy at Tony’s return.

I skipped the middle Spider-Man, the one with the 3rd… or was it second :rofl:, but I don’t think it hurt key understanding of what was going on in the moment much. Just a smidge.

I was able to go back up thread and finally read a good chunk of the discussion I had missed because of travel/spoilers.

Super excited about Multiverse, but we won’t see that until it hits D+ so I can pause and explain in real time what’s happening to DS. Until then I’m tackling What Ifs and wondering if Eternals is essential to see before Multiverse?

Side note: the past year or so, DH has been explaining to anyone who will listen about the math behind the real Multiverse theory and how it has not been disproved yet. (Since I last asked him last Fall)


Jeez, I hope not. I don’t want to have to endure that crap again :woman_facepalming:t4::grimacing::rofl:


And that’s why I asked! Thank you! :rofl:


It is not.

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