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Yeeesssssss. I don’t know why she is ok here, maybe because I watched them out of order and I didn’t even recognize her when I saw her in Spiderman first???

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He really is the best.

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Remember when she said she didn’t even KNOW she was in Spiderman??


I don’t know about Ironman spin off but it seems they’re setting up for something with this young man’s character. Spiderman Far from Home spoiler Peter’s gotten in the news big time - this guy could be helping him out

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Just watched the first two episodes of Hawkeye.

What a great start to the show. I am loving Kate and the banter. I found it quite enjoyable.

Can’t wait for the remaining 4 episodes.


Wait, Hawkeye is out? Where have I been?!?! (Never mind, I was trying to finish a project for school).

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Watched the first two and while not blown away will definitely go back for more. I do like revisiting an Endgame theme. Still lots of answered questions. I hope it stays enjoyable. I’ve bailed on all the other ones. :woman_facepalming: Hawkeye is a favorite one though. So :crossed_fingers:


Just finished WandaVision.


I just love them.

It got a little freaky-deaky there in episodes 7&8 especially and I wasn’t sure I was digging it.

But then episode 9 and I love it hard.

:heart: Vision is the Velveteen Rabbit - he was made Real by being loved so much :heart:
And I love the following quotes:

What is grief if not love persevering?
We’ve said goodbye before… it stands to reason that we’ll say hello again

OK there go the waterworks again.

Great show. Just great.


We’ve watched the first two Hawkeye episodes. Interesting stuff, especially if you’ve read any articles about Easter eggs that have shown up in them or trailers. I look forward to seeing where this series goes.


I’ve so far liked Hawkeye much better than Falcon and dare I say maybe a smidge more than WandaVision (which I loved as a vintage wink wink) in terms of addition to the Cinematic Universe.


Oh my! Then I really can’t wait to watch that one because I do really like Hawkeye


I do not like Hawkeye and loved the series. It is my favorite of the stand alone series so far. Though really it had me at Rogers the Musical

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Where does Black Widow fall in your to do list now?


Spiderman (the second one) is apparently next.

I’m not really sure the order after that.


My son just sent me this in a panic-

I love Marvel as much as the next guy but these scalpers are nuts

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Wow. Do these people understand that there is more than one theatre showing this movie.


Enjoyed episode 3 of Hawkeye tonight. I was trying to figure out where I recognised “Kate” from and it dawned on me.

She played Mattie Ross in the 2010 remake of True Grit. She did such an amazing job in True Grit. I was puzzled why she did not get a best actress/ supporting actress nomination for her role in that.

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Thank you!

Started watching Hawkeye ep1 last night.

Just as the Russians make things interesting we had to bail to go somewhere. Hoping for more episodes Saturday.