Magical express ending 1 Jan 2022

I think a global pandemic, shutdown of the parks, and resulting recession aren’t the worst time to kind of reset an overly complex system. And gradually add back incentives based on consumer behavior. If MDE didn’t add a ton of value for most guests? Maybe they should find something that more people utilize/appreciate or that puts them over the threshold to book a Disney trip.

I think MDE was great, and seemed smart to keep people in a bubble, but what do I know?


Growth and availability of ride share services helped burst the bubble and let guests cheaply escape it…


Exactly. It seemed smart for a long time, but maybe the benefits (to Disney) have eroded enough that it does make sense to rethink that particular onsite “perk.”

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This was true for me. I traveled internationally to WDW. I had to (and was allowed to) bring my luggage with me on the Magical Express. Still, the fun was in getting onto my “free” bus right in the airport and feeling that my Disney experience had already begun. A lot of the exhilaration of vacation is in the fantasy of specialness we tell ourselves. The DME started you off with a perceived perk.


I am also very disappointed to hear of this. I realize that this past year was hard on this company. But, it was also hard on all the would be guest. Disney is an expensive vacation, but it was made to feel so magical it was worth it. The magic seems to be evaporating. I could not believe that they were too cheap to send you a magic band. Now this. Very little live entertainment in parks. And eliminating extra park hours. I wonder if people are still going to think Disney is worth the cost? I have reservations this summer, but we are strongly considering cancelling them. I am very unhappy with the decisions this company has made in recent months.


Disappointing … I agree. Some of the magic evaporating … yup.

Yet, I expect the parks will be packed this summer and thereafter. There is a huge built up demand for travel and entertainment. If the demand goes down a couple years from now, Disney can always add back perks.

I wonder, though, if enough people will pick Disney and if they do will they pick on-site? Those that promised their kid a Disney trip before all this started, they’ll still go. But will the people that haven’t already decided on Disney go? Right now, Orlando is one of the few places to go to have a vacation that is still somewhat like it was before. The other choice is renting a house someplace scenic, or taking an RV there. Even those that limit their planning to buying a random guidebook will see a list of What Is Not Being Offered. Even if those people didn’t know that magic bands and airport transportation used to come with an onsite stay will be annoyed that they are paying the same price and not getting it.

I have honestly seen less and less discussed about Disney outside of these boards. We do have a pretty well known amusement park within an hour of where I live and many have stated that they will not go with masks. I assume they would say the same thing about a much more expensive vacation to DW. Now there are people who have gone this year to this amusement park and attendance was limited to 50%, but most days the park had not reached capacity. The few days that did were around holidays. I can’t imagine that if we are going to have to wear masks this summer that people will be packing it into hot amusement parks. I can certainly see the fall being much busier, especially since there is a chance of no masks and the weather being cooler.

The trips I see people wanting to do are beaches, national parks, places with a lot more outdoor space. I also hear a want of international travel. Not that there aren’t people out there that want a trip to Disney. I just don’t see it being anywhere close to prepandemic crowds.


This is a good point. My timing may be off. I’d revise my comment to say once masks are no longer required and things are close to normal in terms of WDW offerings, then I think the parks will be packed and the on-site hotels near filled irregardless of DME or EMH.

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I honestly don’t know if masks and heat are a concern for next summer. I moved my trip to June because I assume I will have the vaccine by then and that if my sister has not been vaccinated, I have family that can go with me. Since Disney opened, it has been amazing how easy it has been to grab a DVC room. I noticed that June is much tighter and the end of September is beginning to get filled. I know from past experience both times will be hot, September is miserable. I expect I will have to wear a mask for both trips. I have not even taken one minute to think about it. Feeling safe and regaining some of my life is the only thing that will drive me after over a year of trying to “just survive”.


My experience is that the mask does not increase the feeling of being hot. As a matter of fact, because the outside air is roughly the temperature of your exhaled breath, it feels the same. I find it more difficult to wear a mask outside in cool temperatures when my breath feels so warm and humid in the mask.

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I found the same to be true. In hotter weather, the mask actually was less noticeable to me than in cooler temperatures.

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I’m the opposite. I sweat profusely in the heat and the sweat under my mask along with my hot breath makes me feel like I can’t breathe as well. I am perfectly fine in cooler or cold weather with the mask on. We went to an amusement park over Thanksgiving break when it was in the 50’s and 60’s and had no issues keeping our masks on. But last summer in the heat and humidity, I couldn’t stand to have it on for long periods of time.

And outside of Disney fans, I hear no desire from the average people I have been around to go to Disney in the near future.

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I hate having to wear a mask all day at school. But what’s worst of all is being outside for over 2 hours every day in the cold and damp weather we have. The masks just get soaking wet (and not from rain). It’s horrible.

That’s what I find here in Washington State. I believe we have very similar weather. When walking with my friend, my bangs are soaking at the end and it’s not from rain either. I hate it.

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They are taking away much of the benefits of staying on site. It doesn’t really entice me to stay on site anymore.


But Universal hotels are a fraction of the cost of Disneyjotels. The big anger here is that none of us see Disney lowering prices.


In August we went to Universal and were trying out their water park. We met a woman who was staying at Cabana Bay in order to go to Disney. (If you want a lazy river hotel somewhat near Disney, there is a limited selection). She didn’t even know about Volcano Bay, but she saw it out the window and decided to check it out.

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If enough guests stop staying on-site due to high price and reduced perks, Disney will likely either bring back perks or reduce prices.

True. Is Disney kinda doing this already with the 35% off right now, or would that deal have been there in normal times anyway?