Magical express ending 1 Jan 2022

Just seen this.

Have to say very disappointed at this. Flying in from UK I was always happy that we had a hassle free way of getting from the airport. Allowed me to have a few drinks in the plane as well. :smile:


I just saw this!

Honestly I know Uber/Lyft is an option and I often rent a car but it does surprise me.

I guess Disney is shifting from the model where there want guests to stay on property?


Maybe they make it a paid option like Magical Shuttle at Disneyland Paris?

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Wow, this was a huge benefit of onsite… I’ve got to think there’s some sort of Disney facilitated replacement (paid service?). I don’t think the parking lots are sized for a LOT more onsite guests driving to the park.


No mention at this time of a paid alternative to DME.
Also in the category of less for more:
Looks like they are also ending Extra Magic Hours. Opting, instead for allowing on site guests to enter any park 30 minutes early every day.
At least that’s what an Orlando Sentinel article reported today


I asked @len on Twitter about this and he thinks it will be replaced by a train from MCO to Disney Springs.


Well I have to say I do not understand why they would shutter this service. But there are many things I do not understand right now (about Disney)

Like this??? This is nonsensical…, it means the posted hours are incorrect :crazy_face:


If that is true, then that would end any advantage to a pre-park opening breakfast (assuming that someday breakfasts will come back). Also, aren’t they already unofficially opening the parks really early to everyone anyway?


Oh yes this has been in the news. The train would go to DS

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Before DME we took a cab from the airport (before Uber/Lyft). I wonder if swan/dolphin will still have their Mears option and if Mears will be available for all guests for a fee?

Hopefully someone will have an answer to that. I don’t know.

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I really really liked not having to shelep my own luggage. I loved that it magically showed up in my resort room.


That works for SSR but only for SSR and that will be a fee? You would pay for the train and then a Uber?

I’m so unhappy about this! Even if the train was operating by 1/1/22, I’m not keen on shelping my luggage through Disney springs, then on to an on property bus to my hotel. Ugh. I guess we’ll have to rent a car at an added expense, which we have never done. I’m so unhappy


Ugh, me too. I love just dashing off of the plane, onto a bus, and hitting the parks.


Exactly. It’s still going to cost more either way. Because you can bet that train won’t be free, and neither will the uber.
Plus, Disney won’t be lowering room or ticket rates to account for the less service.


I feel like they are really gutting the Disney experience for me. Even the Tragical Express was part of it.

I was just starting to climb out of my hole, but I think I’ll go back in now. :frowning:


Ppl are showing up to parks (an hour or more before official opening) and being allowed in early right now. I think a trip report shared they arrived before 0700 and allowed in; can’t remember which park.


I did not think the buses allowed luggage?

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Crap! You’re probably right! I’m so unhappy!