LunEAR New Year

I am getting ready for my trip to DLR for the Lunar New Year celebration! This time next week, I will be in Anaheim. We will welcome the Year of the Tigger while at DLR. I’m so excited… I am treating DD, born the Year of the Tiger, for her birthday. My good friend (DF) will be joining us. Here is the gear I bought for the occasion.

DD is very disappointed Tigger didn’t play a bigger role for the Year of the Tiger on the merchandise.

We will be there from Monday, January 31 - Wednesday, February 2. We are looking forward to the special events for the occasion, including the New Year procession, characters dressed in their new year finest, entertainment, decor, and stuff I can spend money on to bring home! :grimacing: I’m super thrilled to finally tap through the turnstile on the 31st so that I can finally activate my Magic Keys discount! :moneybag: There may be a liner meet! :heart_eyes:

We have looked at the food for the occasion. I have had festival foods at WDW and DLR. They can be hit or miss and rather pricey for what you get. From previous trip reports, you know I can spend on food. But $8 for a snack sized bao! I can get a yummy full sized bao for less than $2 anytime I want.

DF wants to get PhotoPass for a day. So, we will buy Genie+ on Day 3. I can’t see how to purchase Genie+ on the app. I hope the purchase and use of Genie+ and PhotoPass will be seamless once I tap in.


Questions about stacking LL. Could I do the following:

8 am - Soaring for 6 pm
10 am - MFSR
12 noon - Space Mountain
2 pm - BTMRR
4 pm - TSMM
6 pm - Monsters

If I start off in DL, could I make a reservation for CA Adventure? If the return times for my 10 am reservation is earlier than noon, I can tap in and book another one, right?

What fun! I will be there a few days after you with my niece and her family.


As long as you have park hopper tickets, you can hop to DCA after 1 pm. Since you have to take the next available LL, I doubt you will be able to get one for 6pm at 9am.

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Thank you! I thought I could book one for later in the day when we are in DCA. At least that is how I interpreted this: The Genie Thread! All WDW Info Here - #1006 by SteveBloom. Or maybe Steve’s example is just for WDW…

I believe, based on examples, he’s talking about WDW. I know there are some differences in how Genie+ works at WDW vs DL. At WDW you can book your first 1 at 7 am even if the park is not open yet. Can’t do that at DL, have to wait until you’ve scanned into your first park to begin booking LLs.

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We will find out, if nobody else chimes in.

If starting at DL, you can book for DCA after scanning into park, but you don’t get to select your time slot for later in the day. GP will adjust to the first available window after 1:00 p.m., which would be be fine if you were planning to go to DCA by 2:00 p.m. (you’ll have until 2:15 to tap in to ride), but otherwise you might want to just use what you can at DL first before booking DCA rides.

When I was at DLR week or so ago, I found it best to just book, ride, and rebook to maximize benefit (rather than planning out 2 hour increments), but you need to keep an eye on the rides like Indy and Space Mountain (or Soarin’ and Guardians in DCA) that start to build later and later return times so you can fit them in your schedule without tying up GP bookings.


Thank you for your help! This is really helpful.

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We landed in San Diego this morning at 11 and took Lyft to lunch.

DF and I had fish tacos: jumbo shrimp, steelhead, ahi, and Scottish salmon. :yum:

DD came to pick us up after church and we headed to Anaheim to check in to our hotel.

We went to DTD. Here’s the mural for the Lunar New Year.

We went to the GCH to get These adorable sugar cookies and tiger tails!

Tomorrow is our first park day!



Arrived at 7:15. They let us in at 7:30. Got through at 7:35. Now waiting with the mass.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: So excited you get to see all the Lunar New Year stuff! :blush: Debating about hopping on the train tomorrow just for a day in park. Lunar New Year is one of my favorite celebrations :heart:


Do come and join us!


By 9:30, ridden IJ, POC, HM, and MF. JC was down and still down. We were the last boat on POC before it went down.


Snack from Ronto.


After sharing a churro and wandering 2 stores, we rode Winnie and did a meet and greet with him! Maybe we’ll get Rabbit later.

In line for Peter Pan, 30 minutes.

Disappearing step mother.

Rise was 125. Looking at the line made me cringe.


Peter Pan has been down for 15 minutes. Nobody has bailed.

Finally off Peter Pan 11:50. It took more than an hour. Nobody bailed. Now in line for Tea Cups, 5 minute wait.

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We got caught in this upon exiting the Tea Cups!:heart_eyes:


Lunchtime! Corn dog, tomato basil soup, grilled cheese sandwich, and cream cheese pretzel through mobile order. I was so disappointed that the raspberry macaroon wasn’t available!:disappointed_relieved: When I picked up my mobile order, I asked about the raspberry macaroon. She said they had limited supply and it had to be bought in person! I ate a whole one by myself! :yum:

My hairdresser’s son is a plaid. She said if I found him and took a picture with him, I would get 50% off my next appointment. The first plaid I saw was her son!

We met up with Rabbit.

The line to Rise was completely indoors with a 75 minute wait time. From entering the line to exiting the ride, 60 minutes!