Long Time Lurker Attempts a Trip Report

I have been mostly lurking around here for years and have always enjoyed reading everyone’s trip reports. I thought it might be a good idea to give one a shot but have always been a bit nervous to do so because I’m an introvert and I’m just not as witty as many of you here. My trip report will most likely be more informative in nature, but I welcome any witty banter that anyone would like to interject!

I do like the idea of having instant access to advice/suggestions when I need to make decisions on the fly, so I am going to try my best to update our activities daily, but I also don’t want to have my face buried in my phone the whole time, so we’ll see how it goes.

I have been to Disney probably about 10 times in the last 20 years, but this may be my last trip for quite a while because I have two teens approaching college - a DS who is a senior and a DD who is a junior. So, with two kids who will be in college at the same time, I suspect Disney funds may not be available a while.

This trip is actually only happening because we had a cancelled trip in 2020 that all 4 of us were supposed to go on. We ended up rescheduling in 2022 but only 2 of us ended up going so we still have 2 park tickets in our account that I am using up. Also, airfare and hotels are being mostly covered by air miles so this is basically a free trip – how could I not go?

The overall plan is this:

Me (Mom) and DD15, flying out of Westchester County Airport, leaving tomorrow 8/12 and returning Monday 8/21. 3-way split stay with 4 nights at Dolphin, 4 nights at Margaritaville, and 1st night at Buena Vista Palace. Have stayed at BVP once before for a quick 2 day trip, but this will be the first time at Dolphin and Margaritaville (have previously stayed at WL, FW Cabins, AK Kidani, CBR, CSR, BC, ASM, and offsite at Wyndham Bonnet Creek). Planning to do a lot of late nights to avoid the stress of trying to get DD out of bed and moving in the mornings (my preference would be to rope drop every day, but it’s not going to happen at this stage as she is NOT a morning person). Top priorities are getting on GOTG as many times as possible and trying out Tron.

Saturday: Fly in arriving just before noon, Mears shuttle to Buena Vista Palace. Lunch at the hotel bar restaurant and pool time. Disney Springs in the evening with dinner at The Edison (first time trying). Grab something from Gideons if possible (first time).

Sunday: Check out, head to Disney Springs for lunch. May pop over there earlier in the morning by myself and attempt to get something from Gideons if not successful the prior evening. Uber to the Dolphin, check in and get settled, maybe a little pool time. Dinner at Beaches n Cream and stroll the Boardwalk.

Monday (EPCOT): Epcot all day with a long resort break mid-day, staying for EEH. Dinner at Via Napoli (first time), wing it for lunch and either grab something on the way out for resort break, or grab something at the Dolphin.

Tuesday (Hollywood Studios): Sleep in to recover from EEH. Head to Hollywood Studios in the early afternoon and stay till close. Quick service lunch and dinner (probably Docking Bay 7 and ABC Commissary or Backlot depending on where we are when we get hungry). Have a 9:55 Oga’s reservation but may cancel and do Fantasmic instead since we did Oga’s last year.

Wednesday (Magic Kingdom): Ale & Compass breakfast (first time), relax at the pool. Head to MK in the afternoon, staying for EEH. Dinner at Skipper Canteen. After fireworks Dessert Party.

Thursday (Epcot): Sleep in to recover from EEH. Check out of Dolphin, pick up car rental and transfer to Margaritaville. Settle in, check out the pool, make a grocery run. Epcot After Hours party at night. Lunch at Margaritaville, Dinner at Epcot F&W booths during pre-party time.

Friday (Animal Kingdom): Sleep in to recover from After Hours Party, head to AK around noon and stay till close. Lunch at Satu’li Canteen, Snacks/Drinks at Nomad Lounge (first time), Dinner at Saana after AK.

Saturday (Magic Kingdom): Sleep in, relax at pool. Head to MK after lunch and stay till close. Lunch at Steakhouse 71 (first time), Dinner at a quick service (maybe Sleepy Hollow or Pecos Bills).

Sunday (Animal Kingdom): Head to AK for opening and stay till around 2:00. Breakfast/Lunch at Tusker House. Back to resort to rest and freshen up. Hoop Dee Doo 8:30 show.

Monday: Check out and head home, flying out late morning :frowning:

Boarding passes have been acquired, packing is being finalized – we are almost set to go!


Looks like an awesome trip! Can’t wait to follow along. You have lots of “firsts” planned - exciting!


I like to make sure we always try new things on each trip. It seems like there is never enough time to do everything on the wish list.


Sounds like a great trip! Have so much fun!


Welcome to posting! Yours plans look amazing & I can’t wait to hear how they go!


You have an amazing trip planned. My kids would appreciate all the sleep in mornings you have scheduled.


Looks like it will be a great trip!!


Sounds like it’s going to be a great time! Look forward to following along!


I used to be nervous about this…but honestly, there’s just no pressure here. People love to live vicariously and are happy to answer in trip questions…but totally understand if your trip report stalls out because you’re just living your best Disney life!

Enjoy your trip - your plans sound amazing.

Do you like Grilled Cheese? Because they have the best!


Definitely love grilled cheese! Thanks for the suggestion!


This right here.

When we can’t be there, we love hearing about people who are!


Looks like a solid plan. I like to add new experiences every trip. So great job there! Love Hoop De Do Review too! Have a great time!


Welcome out of lurkdom!!

Make a quick stop at Gideons before dinner to get on the VQ! Don’t believe if they say it’s 4 hours just get on it! You can go back anytime after you get called just show them the text :grin:

Have all the fun!! :tada::tada:


Thanks for the tip! We plan to do some shopping after dinner so even if the VQ is a few hours, that would work out perfectly. We could pick up our goodies when we’re ready to head back to the room.


Looking forward to following along!


Sounds like it would actually cost money NOT to go! :upside_down_face: Can’t wait to follow along! Just feel free to bow out if it gets to be too much. I’ve started 2 trip reports and really only finished to the 80% mark (mostly in follow up and last days of trip details).

Gets my vote out of the 3. ABC commissary isn’t bad just more limited on choices IMO.

We did this in March and both did the buffet. Make sure you look at the buffet options before you order. DH didn’t see the value in adding on to his meal. I could have been happy with everything on the buffet and no main. The price is flat, so if you’re going to do it, be fancy with the main dish.

Can’t wait to see how this works out! I’m hoping to do this in Dec. I plan on asking @LTinNC82 for some tips. Its says breakfast stops at 10:30 and lunch starts at 11:00. I wonder how this works out food wise when you plan on being there for that 30 min gap.

Looks like a solid plan! Smart to plan around DDs sleeping in. With all those late nights, I’m sure you will take advantage too. Do you plan on purchasing Genie+?


In my experience they slowly start consolidating and clearing the breakfast foods and putting out the lunch stuff. If you really like breakfast foods I wouldn’t get too late of a breakfast reservation bc they do run behind.

Now I’m going to catch up on this trip report I missed.


Looks like a great lineup! My only question is what are you going to do with your luggage between BVP, DS, and Dolphin?


Yes, weve done it once before and by the time we finished our plate of breakfast foods, the lunch items were out so the 2nd round was basically all lunch foods.


I was thinking 10:05 is a sweet spot. 1 plate of breakfast, 2 plate of whatever lunch is out there. I’m fine with both and have no problem grabbing 2 plates at a time :smile: