Liner cat pictures thread

Very sorry for your big bear kitty, too. It’s the worst.


More tuxedo love in my house!


And Gus Gus letting my son pet him (a rare occurrence I do not blame him for)


Bilbo, 18 years-old:


Quite a lot of Tuxies in the fam!!


After reading about this, I realized a childhood cat probably died of this. I’m so sorry for your loss!


Very nasty condition, so sorry you had to go through that. Cats are generally very tough but there are a few frequent very bad things they can get that are very difficult to save them from. The one that we most hate in my family is urinary tract blockage. If you have a male cat, make sure he eats quality food. Even with the best food it can still happen (happened to us) but the risk is much lower. Our dear Gimly died at 10 years old because of that. He was perfectly healthy until one day a kidney stone got caught in his urethra. My wife operated him twice but one of his kidneys was choke-full of stones and he blocked again and again. He was in so much pain. There was no choice but to euthanize him…

By the way, I’m a vet (though I don’t practice) so if you have any questions, everyone please feel free; it would be such a pleasure to help. And if it’s too complicated for me, my wife is a dog and cat surgeon so I can always ask her LOL


Here’s another picture of Jasmine, Empress of the Universe, on her throne…


We have a tuxedo as well & he’s a fatty. This is Ivan, but he gets called Brother most of the time because he was the only male in the house for a while. We also have his littermates, Kalley & Jinkx.


We also have Jack, the One-Eyed Pirate Cat. We rescued him last Christmas from the streets. We trapped him in our garage and he had to have a damaged eye removed.


This is the only pic I have of my two kitties together, as Coal (the one on the right) is a new addition. Both were rescued from the outdoors, there are too many big predators for cats to survive long here. Both were clearly lost pets so be sure you chip your kitties!


Oh my gosh I love the Christmas cat houses!! I’m sure I would spend a fortune on something like that and my cats would never get inside.


So sorry to hear that amiga. What a wonderful way to remember her!

They are from Target. The large one was $16.99 & and small one was $12.99. We are going on a cruise over the Christmas break, so we didn’t put up a tree because I don’t trust the kitten to not destroy it without us there. Therefore, the cat houses are where the tree normally goes. :grin:


Rest in peace dear bear-cat!

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This is Misha, my dear departed. In memoriam Misha, I love you dearly and still miss you every single day. You had to leave us with two oafs… sigh


So regal looking - beautiful!

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I love the Christmas houses! I was just looking at those for our girls the other day!

I wonder if tux cats are more inclined to be heavy?


Our tux is much heavier than his calico sisters, but he’s just a big cat. His paws are huge. When he took him to the vet as a kitten, the vet looked at them and said, “Oh, he’s going to be a big cat!” She was right. We had his mama who was a tux for about a year and she was tiny, but she was also a stray.

All four of ours love the houses. They take turns hanging out in them.


We bought one last year from Aldi. It cost barely nothing. Sebastian loved it until the catnip wore out and the dangling ball fell off.

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Oh man, now I need one! I just checked and they are all out of stock near me! My husband would probably kill me anyway. But they are super cute.

When I went to the shelter to get Magic I had my heart set on an orange tabby but the staff said that tuxedos are the cuddliest. And boy were they right! My two boys are the ultimate lap cats.


I’ve been uploading pictures on Instagram every day of ‘Catvent’ and this was today’s along with a caption mentioning winter weight :joy: