Let it Snoap, Let it Snoap, Let it Snoap ❄ - a (live?) TR

Because it’s just what everybody needs, another TR when there are already a ton…

If I would have known, I would have saved that TR title for this one. There are so, so many Liners currently (or arriving shortly) in the world.

I don’t know how “live” this will be. It could possibly be recaps.

Yes, I know I haven’t finished the retrospective on my last TR. It’s on my list. There are a lot of things to do in the 11 days between 2 Disney trips.

For this round, I’m not flying solo, mom is coming along for the fun.

She joined me before in Dec 2021. I asked Dad multiple times if he wanted to come as well, but I think he’s looking forward to having the house to himself too much… We fly out to Orlando tomorrow.

I ended up not really putting together full park touring plans for this trip which feels really strange. I don’t know how long of days Mom will be up for. She says she wants to ride everything as long as it doesn’t go upside-down, but I know we’ll need to play it by ear.

She has some mobility issues so getting in and out of rides might be a challenge. I know some of the rides were the last time we came together. I did get her signed up for the DAS as well. On our last trip I wasn’t sure if it was something that we should have or if we’d really need it. But after a number of cast members that trip telling me I should take her to GS and sign up, we did. The last 2 days that trip got much easier. This round, we did the sign up online. I did pick some pre-selections, but that was wild as me & the online cast member worked through each day and picked rides and times. Not sure how many we’ll make or even try to keep. Does anyone here know if the 119 minute rule applies to DAS-Pre like it does for LL?

We fly in from PIT tomorrow (Fri 12/1) on Southwest and we’ll be staying at Caribbean Beach Resort. We’re in the bubble for 10 days. Home flight is Sun 12/10 at 9pm.

Our base schedule as it stands:

Fri, 12/01

  • 4:50pm - Takeoff from PIT
  • 7:10pm - Land at MCO
  • Private transportation with Orlando Transportation by Mike to Disney (with a pit stop at a WalMart)
  • Check in, pick up scooter (Scooterbug), QS Dinner…

While I have an AP, mom has an 8-day PH ticket. We’re just planning on staying in for the night.

Sat, 12/02

  • APR: Epcot
  • 12:30pm DAS Advance - Soarin’
  • 12:55pm Lunch - Akershus
  • 1:30pm DAS Advance - Figment
  • Watch Epcot Forever ???

Sun, 12/03

  • APR: Magic Kingdom
  • 11:50am Lunch - Steakhouse 71
  • 1:30pm DAS Advance - Peter Pan (not sure we’ll go to our DASes)
  • 2:00pm DAS Advance - Big Thunder (same thing here, because…)
  • 2:00pm Hop to Epcot for @Bubblez Liner Meet
  • 4:00pm MVMCP

Mon, 12/04

  • APR: Animal Kingdom
  • 12:30pm DAS Advance - Na’vi River
  • 3:30pm DAS Advance - Kilimanjaro
  • 4:45pm Dinner - Yak & Yeti

Tues, 12/05
I need to sort this day out ASAP. I left it blank to meet with some family friends in Daytona. Guess what the only day that didn’t work is?

Wed, 12/06

  • APR: Hollywood
  • 11:00am DAS Advance - Tower of Terror
  • 12:35pm Lunch - Hollywood & Vine
  • 6:30pm DAS Advance - Slinky
  • 7:00pm - Jollywood

Thurs, 12/07

  • APR: Epcot
  • 10:00am DAS Advance - Spaceship Earth
  • 1:25pm Lunch - Biergarten (Candlelight Pkg, NPH! NPH! NPH!)
  • 2:30pm DAS Advance - Soarin
  • 7:00pm Candlelight Processional (NPH! NPH! NPH!)
  • LuminoUS

Fri, 12/08

Go visit family friends in Daytona Beach, FL

Original plan: Hollywood w/ MFSR DAS & TSM DAS

Sat, 12/09

  • APR: Magic Kingdom
  • 11:00am DAS Advance - Haunted Mansion
  • 1:00pm DAS Advance - Jingle Cruise
  • 4:00pm Dinner - Hoop-De-Doo
  • 8:00pm HEA

Sun, 12/10

  • Checkout day :sob:
  • APR: Animal Kingdom
  • 9:45am Breakfast - Boma
  • 12:00pm DAS Advance - Kilimanjaro
  • Flight home is at 8:50pm. Need to find out what time our transport will be picking us up to head to the airport

We have a ton on dining reservations. The more I think about it, the more I think a bunch of them will probably end up getting dropped. While I know Mom will appreciate the break, and having waitstaff, she eats like a bird, and table service is $$$.


As of right now, I’m at work until 7am.

I feel so behind, I’m only like 50% packed. As of last night, mom hasn’t started packing. Hopefully she’s working on her stuff today while I work.


My mom said this once too…she was PRE-TTY mad at me when we got off RNRC. But also, she loved it.


When I saw this I thought I was going to see you in the plane :airplane:

Ha! Hope It’s quiet for you tonight


If it was 10 years ago, I might try it. Anymore? Not so much.


We don’t use the “Q” word…






You didn’t just say that did you?


She did. At least I know who to blame…


:shushing_face: :zipper_mouth_face:



My cousins (who are siblings to each other), my brother, and I did that to our respective moms on Space Mountain, early 90s. The maternal parents don’t like fast rides, but we were doing our best to convince them that this was The Peoplemover. “What’s allt hat screaming?” “Oh, that’s another ride next to it” “see, it’s going slow (watching the ramp)”

We loaded my brother, one of my cousins and me in the first car, my parents and one more cousin in the second car, and the oldest went by himself in car 3. We go around, and by the end… OMG! I got unloaded first, so I got to watch my mom and my aunt roll in. They had hair looking like The Bride of Frankenstein and had the looks on their faces like “we no longer have any children” :rofl:


Your itinerary looks great! It’s too bad we’ll probably not get a chance to meet this trip. I arrive Monday 12/4, and it looks like I zig when you zag as far a parks go. Have a great time!


Looking forward to your photos as always! Have a great trip.


What?! Have you not been paying attention?


If you’re not going to pay for anything else, at least pay attention. :sunglasses:


24 hours to :airplane:. Just got checked in on Southwest.

B48 & B49

Thought I was faster than that… Doesn’t matter though. We’ll be pre-board since I got wheelchair service for mom.


Thanks for all your earlier TRs!! I feel so much more prepared for the parties at WDW now!

Hope you have a great time! I think it’s great your mom wants to go!


Got my camera memory cards offloaded to an external drive so at least they are ready for the next round.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 213646

Hopefully I can get some of that offloaded to my home computer before I need to leave tomorrow. Should be a bit faster off the external SSD. SD memory cards are so slooow to download


Goodbye boo-boo bus. I’m free*


Isn’t 100% resolved yet…