Into the Liner-Verse of Madness

About a week ago, a coworker asked me to switch days with him. Then I mistakenly posted that fact elsewhere on the forum. The enablers around here (you know who you are) did what they do best…

I gave in late Tuesday night and booked a 3-day weekend trip. I’m staying at POP Century in Standard. I think it’s too late to submit a TP room request, so I only put in for the 70s section in the online checkin.

This TR starts off much like the last. I’m at work again. It’s just past 7pm, Scheduled to be free at 7am. No packing has been done. I’ll have just shy of 2 hours from the end of my shift to make it home, throw random stuff in a suitcase, and get rolling out the door.

* at the moment there are 2 later flights to MCO on the same airline with seats still available. So there is sort of a back up plan

If I’m going to keep doing this wild pre-airport routine, I should probably sign up for precheck…

I’m very glad I’m caught up on laundry and that I plugged in all the things that need charged before I left for work. Probably a good thing it’s only 2 nights, I should be able to deal with almost anything I forget to bring.

Considering how recently I booked, I have no dining reservations. I did set up park passes as epcot for Fri & Sat, then MK on Sunday. But of course that’s subject to change on a whim

I’ll try to nab a boarding group for GotG. Normally I’d grab an $ILL as well, but it’s looking like it might be stormy around Orlando around landing time. Don’t know how that might affect the timeline.

Wish there was still availability for the Halloween Party Friday night.

The solidist of plans is rope dropping la cava on Saturday since @Flavita invited me to join them. I’ll need to find something else to order to drown the sadness that Café No Sé is only available on Thursdays.

Question for the readers

Do I bring my “real” camera on this adventure or leave it home this round?
  • Take it with you, you paid a lot to get a good camera, you need to use it
  • Leave it behind, cellphone photos/videos are fine
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Would have to wait until I’m home until I offload & edit any real camera pics. Heck, I still haven’t had a chance to touch the ones from April…


Remember you can show up day of and sometimes they will have available tickets. Especially given the hurricane situation that is a definite possibility. (But it’s good to have low expectations.)


I was kinda thinking that. Even if it’s still sold out, I can easily catch the monorail to Epcot


I was going to say the same thing. Have a great time!


Impromptu TR’s are the best!!! I’m glad you decided to come!!

No pressure though!


Safe and smooth travels!! Have a great time!!


Enabler’s gonna enable.


Can’t go to WDW and not visit La Cava anyways.


That’s the spirit! Pun intended.


Have a great time! Hope you have an easy night at work.


That would be great. It’s been nuts all day. It can stop any time now. Nobody get hurt or sick :crossed_fingers:




Just saw this on Instagram :sob:

Now I need to see if it’s reasonable to go from MCO to their East End Market location before heading to POP. But then I need to deal with luggage since I was planning on using Lyft :thinking:


They don’t Door Dash do they? Maybe @ThorKat Dash? How well would you tip?


That’s awful. I feel so bad for them and anyone wanting to go there. I hope they get the mountain moved!


What a bad situation at Gideon’s but what a thoughtful message from the management.


Yay! Following! It’s final countdown time…


The Mouse must have called in a favor for me with the “EMS Gods”. We only went out once overnight, and then the oncoming crew got their first call at 7:02am. Missed that being mine by the skin of my teeth. #LetTheMagicBegin

I stayed off the forum until I made it here to my gate. I knew I would get sucked in to the forum/social media rabbit hole if I looked, and I only had 2 hours to get home, pack, and get on the road. Somehow I managed to pack in about 30 minutes.

Overwhelming poll results said no to the camera, so it’s staying at home. My luggage is refreshingly light without all the added weight from lenses and accessories. 2 days of clothes help as well.

To the airside terminal

We have a dinosaur at our airport. Does yours?

Beware @Flavita, theres construction skrim at the top of the elevators… Don’t get lost

My plane arrived at the gate while typing this update. Should be boarding soon


No, sadly.



Seat aquired, luggage stowed.

Now everyone else just needs to do the same… Will Southwest Wifi internet be operational today?