Let it Snoap, Let it Snoap, Let it Snoap ❄ - a (live?) TR



On the way home:

  • :white_check_mark: Pharmacy
  • :white_check_mark: Bank
  • :white_check_mark: Gas

Home now and should not need to rush anywhere else before heading to the airport.

I keep refreshing the airport parking capacity notice on their website. Normally I reserve off-site parking, but the shuttle bus won’t work for mom. While you can reserve on-site parking, you really can’t reserve a handicap space… Or at the handicap rate…

Now to get some breakfast & finish up packing…

It will be 45°F and rainy to go to home airport. It will be 75°F when we land.
  • Be cold now - wear shorts
  • Be warm later - wear pants
  • Go through the miserable hassle of changing in an airport bathroom
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You’ll only be cold while going to/from the car. The airport temp will be 70ish and the plane will be a little cooler hopefully.


I did this once quite a number of years ago (before cell phones were a big thing) It was 75 at take off, and the newspaper said the destination was like 35 when we were landing. I had on a big coat, and everyone was looking at me strange while wearing tshirts and shorts. We land, and everyone else is now shivering in freezing temps, and I’m all smug in my heavy zippered pile of floof.


I get cold on airplanes so I almost always wear pants, the lightest weight ones I have if it will be warm enough to shed my pants (for not pants) at the destination. And rather than do the dreaded airport change, I just deal with it until I have a moment to change at the hotel lobby bathroom. But I’ve also never arrived to MCO in daylight, so it being dark helps/wee hours of the night/morning go a long way to me dealing with it.

Boo. Are they at least being responsive and admitting they messed up the request???
I HATE when people only read half the information I send them in an email. Which I think you mentioned is what you figured happened with the request.


I missed the poll…The weather is beautiful tiday. However, even.in mid-70°F the humid is still awful…

Wear whatever keeps you cooled off!! :hot_face::hot_face::rofl::rofl:


Skipping forward, we’re on a plane.

As to the poll: I went with shorts.

Our primary flight tracker person is currently having fun in Disney, but I’ll here’s the tracker if anyone wants to follow the flight

We’re starting off about 20 minutes behind schedule, but we’re calm and going with the flow.

Haven’t decided if I’ll be paying for internet or not.


Yay :dancer: :man_dancing:


Currently at MCO baggage claim. Got our regular checked luggage. Waiting on Mom’s walker

Our Driver from Orlando Transportation by Mike is here waiting with us.

Hopefully the local Walmart has some leeway on pick up. Our curbside window is 7pm-8pm…


giphy (4)

Worst wheelchair attendant ever!!!

I told him 5 times we need to wait at the jetbridge for moms walker. He refused. He was adament that the walker would go to oversized bags at baggage claim.

I was trying to talk with the gate agent about the walker. He started to run off with my mom. Never thought I have to full out sprint through the airport terminal… Let alone heading out of the airport.

So the walker ended up in limbo. Somewhere along the line the baggage tag got ripped off. So glad I 4-5 stickers with our name and address on the walker. It took almost 2 hours to get the walker back to us. Southwest was about to give us a loner, but they didn’t have anything in a style that would work for mom.

Thank God it was finally found and returned to us.

So now we’re in the car. Walmart order has been obtained, only 119* minutes after my pick up window.

Google maps reports 20 minutes to CBR.

*I actually have no real idea. 119 is 100% made up.


After seeing this junk on Twitter two weeks ago:


I just don’t trust anyone with medical equipment if I’m not there.


Mr. @Jeff_AZ tells us that’s the very limit of the window.


Made it to the resort. Bell Services drove us to our room.

Aruba section.

It was an adventure getting mom up into the van

Now hoofing it back to the main building for food and to find our scooter. At least I’ll have that to drive back, if I can find the room again. This building feels like a maze


Well, I made it over to Centertown at CBR and hit “I’m Here” on my mobile order with 2 minutes to spare before closing time. It was a few minutes after 11 when my order was ready.

I’m sorry Centertown Cast Members. I really don’t like being that guy who orders at the last second when staff is trying to get cleaned up to go home…

Got this…

Didn’t get a Pic of the food. And was hungry enough that I ate it too fast. I really can’t say if it was tasty or not. But I’m no longer hangry, and that’s what counts.

Picked up the scooter. It’s much easier navigating from our room to the lake than room to parking lot. Incredibly close to Riveria Skyliner station.

Mom is now in bed and I think already sleeping. My bed is covered in luggage and groceries.

Anyone interested in unpacking/organizing everything in the room? If it was a thing I’d probably hire out that task right now and go sit on a bench and stare at the lake until my blood pressure fully resets after the fiasco with the walker.

I have a bad feeling I’ll be up fairly late trying to get organized for tomorrow…


Glad yu made it safely and got everything with your mom sorted. Hope y’all have a great trip!


I will pass this on :rofl::rofl:
But truly they do not mind.


I’m so glad you got the walker eventually.
What a fiasco.

Hope you got organised and rested quickly :crossed_fingers:t3:


6:54am - BG1 VQ loaded, GotG party confirmed

6:58am - “alright, I’m ready…”


7:05am - “damn that was a slow blink, maybe, just maybe…” - nope, alarm set for just before 1pm to try again…

Picked up an $ILL for GotG. Going to skip on the G+ for the day and see how we do with just Mom’s DAS.

I gave up pretty quickly last night. Ended up going with minimum viable cleanup. Didn’t open my luggage at all, ended up sleeping in what I was wearing.

I think I’ll let mom sleep until 8am, then start to try to get her moving for the day


I have found that EP is pretty easy with just DAS.


So far proving more difficult than expected. Her usual home schedule has her sleep in until 10:30-11…

And we’re switching up plans. Dropping the Akershus to join @LTinNC82, @ParkRanger, @Jeff_AZ, & @mathhound :grin: