Leading Reservations for dining?

I did a search but I’m reading conflicting stuff elsewhere-- is booking a tour still following the 60+10 rule? Or is it just every day at 60 days? Trying to get Starlight Safari AND WAT (different days).

I was able to book Starlight Safari 60+10.

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Excellent- thanks. My mistake for just googling and trying to read the parks panel experts lol.

no worries! First-hand information is always the best when Disney is concerned.

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Another thread I bookmarked to follow.

Thank you

I have a leading reservation starting November 20th. I thought I could book reservations for November 30th today, but the dining reservation calendar is only going out to November 27th for me. Is this just a glitch in Disney’s system or is there something I’m missing?

Just read upthread some and see that others have had a similar problem. The dates just aren’t loaded yet. I’ll keep checking. And I got up early for this…ooof.


I totally understand waking up early for your first ADR’s even when it is 60+10. But, you really don’t have to. After your morning coffee is fine. There aren’t that many people booking at 60+10. I woke up early to get our arrival day breakfast at Topolino’s. Then that afternoon I decided to change the time and the number of people (I had rounded up to 4). All times were still available. That might not be the hardest ADR to get, but it is up there.


This is good to know as we will be on vacation on my 60+10 and I’d like to sleep a little.

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The ADR window for the second half of my split stay opened today, so all days of my trip are bookable for ADRs using my real reservations. That means I can cancel my leading reservation without losing my ADRs right? Or do I have to wait until 60 days from my last day with an ADR?

In theory, you should be able to cancel the leading, but the recommendation is to wait. If Disney IT ever makes any changes behind the scenes on how it works, we may not know until someone loses ADRs unexpectedly. Unless you have a pressing need, I’d just hold off.


I’m currently making my ADRs each day using a leading. It’s not time for me to reserve BOG yet but I keep noticing that the latest dinner reservation is 3:40 or 3:55pm. And that’s at Day 10. Why would that be?

It seems like they never loaded or advertised the party ADRs? There should be ADRs available every night until 5:55 but maybe they are suppose to load some with the party ones?

It looks like dessert parties are not listed too?

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