Leading Reservations for dining?

Are you using MDE on your phone? Try logging out of the app and back in and/or try from a computers browser.

I have tried logging out. Creating a new account, new leading reservations. Different browsers on different computers. Nothing seems to work for me. I see the same times available all the time.

I would create another MDE account using another email address and a different name and birthday.

A problem I ran into is that the ADR window is set by the latest reservation that opens up an ADR window, if you have overlapping reservations. This took me forever to figure out. It only effects people with really long split stays.

If you put the leading reservation on the same MDE account, once the ADR window for the 6/3 reservation opens up, your leading reservation will be ignored. This means that it will only work up to 6/12 dining.

But, you can make ADR’s for your real MDE Account from the fake MDE Account. Just make the two accounts friends, and then when you make the ADR from the fake one, make the leading person on the reservation the real you.

It sounds like you are having an unusual tech problem. Try using Incognito Mode on your browser. There could be cookies causing a problem.

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Ok friends, I don’t know why this always trips me up. I have a split DVC stay in November, 11-15 and 15-20. I would like to get HDDR in the second half of the trip so I’m working on some sort of leading reservation. I guess I waited too long and the night of the 11th (Veteran’s Day) is booked solid. I can get most anything leading up to that day, even a campsite, as well as anything starting the 12th. Is it worth getting something overlapping from the 12-20?

Is it still two ADR dates for split DVC stays? Thanks!

I tried that as well. I contacted chat to see if they could help. He looked up 2 reservations I was wanting and said he didn’t see any availability, although I was still seeing it on my end before the error. So I’m not sure why I’m seeing anything when they can’t. Maybe it’s just a glitch on the site. I can book stuff that does have lots of availability, so who knows.

If anyone has a reservation and can look up 10/2 Hollywood & Vine at lunch and 10/3 Be our Guest or CRT at dinner and let me know what you see, I’d be grateful!

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I have a leading reservation created for a trip in May 2023 and think I have that process down. We will actually be staying offsite for the trip.

When purchasing park tickets for this trip and making park reservations, will it lump me in with the resort category or just theme park tickets category? Does it matter?

Just to update for my leading reservation - After several days of trying to get what I wanted, it just magically started working for me. I never called or anything. Got all of the reservations I wanted at the times I wanted so it worked out in the end. Thanks everyone!


Great news! Sorry about the struggles early on, but glad the IT came around. That’s not uncommon, though this particular issue seems to be unique and affected a lot of people.