Leading Reservations for dining?

I’m not going to do a leading reservation, but thanks for the reminder about open table. Booked Boathouse, Raglan Road & will book Paddlefish when the date opens up. (Staying at Saratoga, so good time to check out more DS restaurants)

I don’t think we are doing any super hard to gets, we have already done all the ones we have wanted to do in previous trips. So, I’ll just wait for 67 days out to book.


And just as a data point, many of the ones that use Open Table, you can also book directly with once you see reservations open in Open Table. IIRC, we had to do that with at least one (Raglan Road, I think?) due to the size of our party.

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My TA emailed me today to remind me that I “can begin making ADRs on June 21”. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I did the leading all on my own and she doesn’t know about it, so I haven’t posted my victories on FB (we’re friends there) yet. I figure I’ll just do it on the 21st like “YAY! Look what I snagged!!!” (And let people wonder how I snagged Space220 Lounge for Day 3. :rofl: :rofl:)


A big advantage with Open Table is that - other than Raglan Road which required a credit card the last time I pondered it - you can cancel up to just before the reservation. And if the unthinkable happens and you’re not able to make it, there is no penalty and you don’t have to bump and run.


Raglan does that sometimes, not always. They asked me for a credit card for a brunch reservation once.

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I guess I’ve looked at it at popular times - every time I’ve pondered I’ve gotten the request for a card.

When I booked Raglan through OpenTable a few days ago, they requested a CC. They even charged $1 and then refunded it back almost immediately to confirm validity.

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I wonder if they are doing it more often these days? I generally book them after 10pm and I have only been asked once (out of maybe a dozen times?).

My friend booked it so I do not know if she was asked for CC. (She has open table account, so I had her do the bookings)

We are going to Raglan on our first night…a Friday. That should be interesting. I have never been, we have made reservations a couple times, but plans changed and we ended up cancelling.


Completed things today.

Well, the initial getting of ADRs anyway. As always with me, subject to change.

Here’s the line-up
8/20 - arrival in the evening, no ADRs
8/21 - AK Day - 8:00am Tusker House (yes, changed back…I’ve got all day in the park this day, the other I have to leave by 4)
8/22 - Epcot Day - 11:30am Space 220 Lounge; 6:30pm Beaches & Cream
8/23 - MNSSHP Day (no park other than that) - 11:30am Boathouse
8/24 - Epcot/MK Day - 6:30pm Skipper Canteen
8/25 - Epcot Day - 7:30am Topolino’s Terrace; 2:00pm Space 220 Lounge; 6:30pm La Hacienda (one of those 2 will disappear…depends on the initial Space 220 experience and if a friend and her kids can come meet up so I can take the kids on Mission Space Orange - she is claustrophobic and can’t and they’re not old enough to ride solo so I offered to take them since they want to and love space)
8/26 - AK/Departure Day - 7:30am Boma (added advantage of I can go back up to my room and brush my teeth before checking out and checking my bags - assuming of course AKL stays as the resort)

Once I can cancel my leading (I’m in my own actual window as of 6/21), I’ll look into Up Close With Rhinos. I’ve done it before, so it’s not the end of the world if it’s full, but it will be a bonus if I can get in. Just gotta wait for the leading deposit to go back on the gift card.


I canceled my leading reservation today and had this pop up. I wasn’t worried, but it was reassuring to see this.


My ADRs are all done. Except for a MK Dessert Party (day 7 or 9) and Rose&Crown fireworks (day 9 or 13) as they don’t seem to have any dates released after August 11th.

Day 0 : No ADR.
Day 1: AK, Wild Africa Trek 8:45am. DS T-REX 6pm. Cirque du Soleil 8pm
Day 2: MK. Hoop-dee-doo musical review 6:15pm
Day 3: EP. Garden Grill lunch 11:45am. H20 Glow/Typhoon Lagoon.
Day 4: HS. Savi’s 10:25am Droids 11:30am.
Day 5: AK Rhinos 11am. Yak&Yeti 12:30. Beaches&Cream 7:40pm.
Day 6: Toppolinos 11:30am. MNSSHP.
Day 7: MK
Day 8: HS Oga’s cantina 1:45pm
Day 9: EP. Space 220 Restaurant 12:30
Day 10: AK Tusker House 12:30.
Day 11: HS Sci-fi Dinner 12:30
Day 12: MK
Day 13: EP
Day 14: departure for airport

I cancelled my leading reservation (that is the 2nd time I do that). Due to currency rates, I gained 0.83€ for the deposit refund and I lost 0.57€ for the 2nd one. I made 0.26€ out of this :sweat_smile:


Now that’s winning!


Today is my “official” ADR day, so I’ve now gone public with my ADRs (including a “I have NO clue how I snagged Space220 Lounge on 60+3! Someone must have let it go right when I hit search!” response if anyone asks about it! :rofl: :rofl:)

Cancelled the leading and everything held. :grinning:


My refund from my leading hit the gift card today!

Called right at 7 and got Up Close With Rhinos for 8/26!! I wanted the 21st but that was sold out. So it will wrap up my trip rather than starting it.


Glad it’s worked out so well for you!



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I have a leading reservation and have been making my ressies one day at a time. Yesterday, I was able to make reservations for Wednesday, August 31. Today, I should be able to make one for September 1, but it is not even allowing me to move to September. Is this a calendar thing? Like maybe they haven’t loaded schedules for September yet?

All done, leading res cancelled and refunded and managed to get everything we wanted, nothing crazy but it was nice to get toppolinos, Beaches and cream and Storybook, al of which we couldnt get last trip.
thanks for the help everyone,


Hello all,

There are so many messages and I am trying to understand this concept but having a difficult time!

Our check in is March 24, check out is April 1 (8 nights).

Could I just modify my reservation fo start March 22 and then once the 60 day window is passed modify it back to start the 24th?

If this would not work - do I make a new (second) reservation for March 22-April 1 or would it this second reservation just be March 22 - March 24?

Has this ever messed up for anyone? If so, I don’t know if I would be willing to take the chance of losing all our reservations especially since we are going for 8 nights anyways and should be able to snag a couple of our hard to get restaurants near the end of our trip.

I appreciate your help. We, like most others, are hoping for a few popular ones including Tusker House, Ohana, Homecoming, SciFi. We are travelling with friends who have never been so I would love to be successful in getting these reservations.

Thanks again!