Leading Reservations for dining?

I keep trying to sneak up on it from different angles but so far no luck using phone Safari or pc Chrome.

I am not too panicked yet but my ‘My Plans’ page really looks like someone gave a kindergartner a credit card at the moment…

I will also follow along with the others in the same boat and wish you guys good luck!


So I’m catching up on this thread and have a trip booked for November for which I’m planning to do a leading reservation. Am understanding correctly that people are only not able to cancel room-only reservations? I have a package booked and there is definitely still a cancel option online. So if canceling a room-only reservation requires calling, couldn’t we just do a package if we want to still cancel online? I also thought about just modifying the reservation dates if having the two reservations looks “suspicious” on the phone.

I think it’s just cheaper to do a room only, but I’m not sure if there’s another reason.


Only if you forget to cancel you get a padding with room only since you don’t have to cancel for 5-6 days out depending how you booked it. With packages you have to cancel earlier or lose your deposit. So is another benefit for people who think they might forget to cancel sooner.


I have a room only reservation for Pop in December. I seem to have a cancel button. I didn’t try pushing it!


I got excited because I hadn’t tried from the app and I DO have that cancel button but I pressed it and….

we’re having trouble loading this screen. Please go back and try again.’
Whomp whomp


I have a theory.

Is that screenshot from a leading reservation, or a regular one?

(and HI! Your pictures from your trip were so awesome! I’m glad you 4 were able to sneak away for a great trip!)

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Regular. I do plan to make a leading one.

Thanks! We plan to do more sneaking away! :shushing_face:

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:sob: :sob: Disney IT at its best!


Does anyone have a room-only reservation only (no other reservations around it, not a leading reservation) who does or does not have the cancel option online? I considered booking a dummy reservation for a couple months away just to see but really don’t want to have to call lol.


If you push it you’ll likely just get an error message.

For me- I have an 8 day vacation planned so to do my leading reservation, to make it work out, I needed to book a leading reservation stay over 14 days. If you book a room for 14 plus days they tell you upfront you can’t add tickets to that for whatever reason- so in my case I had to do room only.

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So just clarifying… If I were to do this for my August trip - which is the 20-26 - I could book a room-only (or campsite-only) reservation for August 17-26 and then once I’m to June 21 (when my window technically opens for the actual stay) I can cancel the room/campsite only? Thinking I might try this since it would just tie up one night’s deposit and I could put that on a gift card…

No, because you want the leading reservation to start 60+10 before the first day of your trip, not the last day.


Gotcha. So I’d make it 6/11-26 then on the 21st I could cancel the leading one?

You probably can. I think most wait until they’ve gotten into the normal 60 day booking window just to simply what could go wrong.


This was my theory. I’ll have to keep reading to see if that’s the catch.

That was short.

But the question stands. Is the software flagging ressies that overlap by 10 days?


I have a room only reservation on my old account in my middle name that I ended up not using for ADRs, so it’s just a room only nothing else linked- no option to change or cancel on it as well.
Unless they show it on their end linked to my current account somehow :woman_shrugging:t4:


So my new October reservation (room and tickets) does still have a cancel button on the website. I am curious as to whether it is because it is new (maybe all of us without the online cancellation option made ours around the same time?) or because I have not added any leading funny business.

I am waiting until I cancel my September reservations (real plus leading - I am moving that trip to October) to add a leading reservation to the new one. I will check to see if the button disappears when I add it on and report back.