Leading Reservations for dining?


Also, I meant make 8/11-26. LOL.

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I have room only for 5/15 and even before I was within the penalty phase I didn’t have cancel or modify.


Yesterday, I just added back 2 leading reservations for this December and I do not have the cancel button. But those are obviously overlapping the original reservations.

ETA my original ressies were added renting points.

I just checked, and both my leading ressies have a cancel button.

I don’t want to try the cancel button because I want to hold on to these for December reservations and those fill up fast

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So I can’t technically answer that because I booked two rooms at the BWI in my name (one for the teens) and so I do have overlapping trips because of that…However, when I did call to modify them, noone said anything to me about my name being on two reservations at the same exact time.

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Mine does too. But people on chat who still had the cancel button got an error message when they tried to use it. I’m going to do mine some time next week, I hope it works.

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There are so many legitimate reasons to have overlapping reservations that it is odd that this would be a reason for a flag.

I often book a separate room for my mom so I use her on my dummy reservations. It is just a little extra funny to me that on the one that I have to cancel on the phone, I have her at a campsite and the rest of us in the Four Seasons…if I knew about the call I would have bumped her up to at least sleeping indoors :joy:


That’s too funny :rofl:

LOL, you’re not a very good child!?!? LOL


I have two room only reservations in July, the first is leading.

On the website, using a Chrome browser in Incognito mode (the regular browser doesn’t seem to be able to hold my log in information today, keeps asking me to log in again)…

The leading room only reservation shows “To change or cancel your reservation, call (407) 934-7639.” under the “Start Check-in” button.

The regular room only reservation doesn’t show anything below the “Update Check-in” button.

I can cancel the leading reservation late next week.

I don’t think it’s the overlapping so much as the 10-day difference of overlapping.

And I could be completely full of crap and the people showing cancel buttons doesn’t mean we actually have cancel buttons.

Mine doesn’t overlap by 10 days, just 7. I’ll report back.

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Welcome to the forum! Did you mean to delete your post? If you did not, you should be able to restore it or I think I can help you with that.

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Thank you! Had an issue but I figured it out (rookie mistake) :slight_smile:

I’d posted about room-only reservations: I had a room-only reservation for a FW cabin in October. It had a cancel button. Then I decided to stay at Old Key West instead and made a room-only reservation for the exact same dates. This reservation also had a cancel button. When I went to cancel my FW reservation, I got the same error message everyone else was getting. I had to call to cancel. Having read this entire thread, I made a point of asking the CM why I couldn’t cancel online and she said that all room-only reservations had to be cancelled over the phone. For what it’s worth, she didn’t seem to be aware that I had another reservation. I told her about it when she asked if I’d like to reschedule my cabin dates.


According to the spreadsheet, I can cancel my leading reservation now. But… I’m scared! Really don’t want to lose those ADRs.


You won’t lose them. I have had leading reservations multiple times a year, for quite a few years. They are not linked to a room and will not disappear.


I agree, I haven’t heard a case yet where they cancel reservations for anything other than Guest’s request.


Phew, ok I did it!


This may be the case now but it wasn’t always so. I was able to modify my BWI reservation a couple of months ago online to add a day, this time I had to call to take that day back off (Airline keeps making changes by 12+ hours to flight time). This is a room only reservation. They made a change recently or something is broken. I don’t trust what that CM told you based on my recent experiences. I was also able to cancel a room only All Star Sports rez in January that was a leading over the internet.

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