Leading Reservations for dining?

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I made the leading reservation booking. Now the “My Plans” page looks really wacky… it shows me at one resort for the leading dates that don’t overlap with the ‘real’ dates, and then it shows me staying at both resorts for all the dates that do overlap. This would not be a difficult scenario for a Disney programmer to code for, in an attempt to root out people doing this for the ADR advantage. Hopefully they won’t get interested in doing this any time soon.

I think that’s being very generous towards Disney’s IT capabilities. They are notorious for being pretty sucky. Plenty of people keep multiple reservations, overlapping reservations, etc. I almost always have at least two resort reservations at a time - nothing to do with leading reservations, I just have a hard time making up my mind and don’t want to risk what I want not being available when I do. The only way I can ever see it becoming a problem is if they would somehow make dining reservations tied to resort reservation, but anyone can make dining reservations, you don’t need a resort stay or even tickets.


Well, you do need a resort reservation to qualify for the 60+10 ADR booking window, so the ADRs must actually be tied to your room reservation somehow. Otherwise you’d just get the 60 day booking window, without the +10, like somebody staying off-site or a local who likes to dine at Disney restaurants.

Your on-site reservation just opens your booking window. They are not tied to your resort reservation.

ETA, they are not at this time. Is there a chance they would/could figure out a way to do it? Probably. I think it’s very unlikely. And if they do, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a nice hack to use if someone wants to.

Booked my dining today and got everything I wanted! My leading reservation is allowing me to book 4 days in advance. Starting at 60+4, things are very limited, so I am glad I did it. I got everything we wanted (and then some, which we’ll probably drop).


I just wanted to add to this. I currently have 4 reservations for 3 people all around the same time.

I have the lead, my main, and then 2 additional rooms that I was trying to Tetrus into a two bedroom.

I called DVC directly, she looked at my reservations and until I told her about my separate cash rooms, she didn’t appear to have noticed they were even there. She was completely nonplussed about them and didn’t even mention the one Animation reservation that was 10 days before the other 3 BLT rooms.

I don’t know if they are back in the call center or still working from home. But due to the extended waits and the lack if information, or lack of ease of getting information, it feels as if they don’t have all the tools they normally have to be able to “catch” someone cheating.

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Thank you for this topic. I wasn’t interested in a Leading Reservation. In fact, I hadn’t heard of a Leading Reservation. But I was irritated that my onsite split stay was not “bridged” the way onsite split stays bridged FPs in the past. ADRs are hard to come by and Disney is making $1000s from me. I am going to make a second reservation over the dates of my stay in order to make my ADRs for my total length of stay. The only thing that worries me is would it be possible to loose my Park Reservations. But my actual reservation is a package. I have 9 day tickets linked to both of my split stays. So, hopefully all will be well. I made the Park Reservations based on my onsite split stay.

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I did not lose my ADRs or Park passes after I canceled. I had the park passes based on existing tickets for an off-site stay before I booked the on-site hotel-only reservation, so not sure if that made the difference.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I am sure I will be fine. I am just being a chicken. Everything is so fragile at the moment.