Last of Harmonious barges in place

This. This show better be so epic that it erases the ridiculous stupidity of these barges during the day.

That or this idea of them submerging partially better be correct and by partially they better mean like 99%.


Sadly, I’m 99% certain they won’t submerge. Looking at the equipment etc on board (this video has some good close ups) - I see some sort of heat pumps, tons of electricity etc - doesn’t look submersible, so it seems this is how they will sit.

One thing I’m super confused by is the amount of technology visible on the barges that will be drenched in water for long periods of time if/when the fountains are on. Lots of lighting, projectors etc that can probably withstand a shower, but being soaked constantly and daily… looks scary… But I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Or I hope they do, because technical problems with this sounds like a nightmare.


Your second point seems to contradict your first point?

I hope you’re wrong, but even if you are those things can’t possibly sit low enough to avoid being the eyesores they are.

Who the hell okayed this monstrosity?!


Good question.

When the show was designed, the Stargate and Tacos were going to be brought out each night - like the Globe.

Then it began to dawn on someone, somewhere that it would take a long time to do that each evening, and then to take them back again after. That meant extra man power and the bridge being out of action for too long. So it was decreed from higher up that they should stay out all the time.

So it isn’t the show designers who made that decision, it was imposed from on high. Don’t know who, maybe the VP at the time - who’s moved on anyway. Or the money men.


No but I may have been unclear - first point referred to equipment between the lower and upper platforms, which presumably would be the part submerged, however it doesn’t look possible to me.

Second point was in regards to equipment all around the barges, particularly projectors etc that sit higher on the trussing. These I’m confused about whether or not they will withstand being drenched by the fountains all the time. But I’m not an expert, so this is just me thinking aloud.

But I also hope I’m wrong!

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Gotcha. It sounded like you were talking about the same components. I understand your points now :slight_smile:

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