Last of Harmonious barges in place

Not sure if the link will work…but more to come on Disney blog this morning. That loop is gigantic!

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Looks like ljnk didnt work but if you follow Zach Riddley on Instagram the picture are there.

Fingers crossed for the return of some nighttime entertainment soon! June trip currently planned - but not sure I can do it without any of the night shows back. They’re my favorites for sure.

It was reported somewhere, maybe here,that Disney was marketing corporate packages for viewing during food and wine festival so I am hopefull it will be up and running sometime in the summer :crossed_fingers:


Here are some photos that WDWMagic have posted from today.

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That is horrible. It was bad enough with the other barges being all big and ugly. This has just 100% ruined it.

Maybe I should reserve judgment until they turn them on as fountains but dear God this is hideous


Footage of Disney testing the fountains.


It’s HIDEOUS. I will be very curious to see what it’s like with the water feature turned on, but yikesssss this is ugly. One of my favorite things is looking across the water as I’m walking around WS!


I will hold judgement too until the fountains are on…however another thought? How loud is this water feature going to be. I mean all that water falling from so high up? Is it going to like standing next to a large waterfall? Maybe too far away for it to be an issue but not sure.


Do we know if they are going to just sit there all day? Will they do something during the day so as to not just look like giant pieces of equipment? They look too large too move in and out like they did with illuminations.

Saw this on Twitter and it gave me anxiety…


I wonder how the wind is going to carry the water from those fountains? When I visited earlier this month the barges were closer to the edges of the lake than I expected, especially around the Italy area. If the water is going to be shooting 6 stories high it has to come down somewhere! A windy day might turn all of the seating areas into splash zones.


Ewwwww yeah! Didnt think of that one. Maybe that means on really windy days they have to turn the water off?

I can’t believe how big it is! Oof Hopefully the fountain is nice to look at!

Supposed to turn into fountains during the day to hide the structures. We shall see

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They will be out on the lagoon 24/7. :pensive:

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I’m just really hoping HarmoniUs is SO GOOD that it makes up for how ugly these barges are. I live in hope.

Here’s what it will supposedly look like with fountains on (plus a rendering of the nighttime spectacular). Maybe won’t be awful? I really wish they had gone with something more ornate. It’s mostly the boxy bits at the bottom that are hideous.



Hopefully this.

This doesn’t give me comfort.

Seriously. Someone grab a rope and pull it 30 feet to the left.