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FYI i get the smallest ones - 5.5 inches.


72 degrees

You are a funny man aren’t you

Don’t look at the excessive heat Orlando has been having this week. It’s been brutal.


I did wonder which would be best. I plumped for the smallest size, 6 inches in this case.

No obvious or inappropriate jokes, please. This is a family thread and there’s nothing funny about 6 inches.


He put F…I think he meant C.


Just as well I’m not there this week, then. The past is not necessarily a good predictor of the future.

But, despite your five-year long campaign to stop me going to WDW, a day in WDW — even in 100ºF weather — is better than a day at home. There’s always the morning and the evenings. And even if WDW has cranked down the air-conditioning, coming from a country that has none at all, it’s going to feel like a respite from the outdoors.


Also, might I draw your attentions to this question.


Also, the genius of The Plan is that it’s not ride-focussed. There’ll be no rushing from one attraction to the next. The only parts that have me worried are the tours, when I’m not in control of the pace or location.


Narrator: (in the voive of James Earl Jones) He did use a VPN and his whole trip changed.

Oh sweetie. The low may be 70°F. Your highs will be mid 90°F average.

Pre-hydrating makes a world of difference.

Maybe a small starbucks. A little sugar isn’t bad. Coffee is a diuretic. So that’s more of an issue in high heat.


I have a neck fan that cools all the way around. I like it. DH says he doesn’t like it on all the time.

I can’t help with TL sorry.

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My wife ordered one for our September trip. We tried it when it first came, and it was pretty amazing. Prior to that, we had both cooling towels, and these “neck fans” which are really more like a fan on a lanyard. It worked reasonably well…but the new neck fan was MUCh better than both the cooling towel and the lanyard fan. We’ll be giving it a go in September.



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I get a little claustrophobic so sometimes I would need to take it off my neck (indoors). But I like that it cooled the back of my neck too. I did bring the charger with me. Mine would die 2/3s of the way through the day when I kept it on 90% of the time, lol. But usually I didnt REALLY need mine that late in the afternoon. September is a different beast then March though :grimacing:.

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You people really don’t get the British sense of humour, do you.


Oh I do. I thought telling you the high would be mid 90’s with 100% humidity would make you cancel your trip! :wink:




Oh, wait. Not that Link.

I don’t know…my wife ordered it. But if you go to Amazon and search for “neck fan” about a billion and one choices come up that all look pretty similar.


Now that’s funny.


I just thought it was a conversion problem :woman_shrugging:


How much is @JuliaMc paying you?

Right. That’s it. You’ve brought this upon yourselves.

Some history.

I have made twelve trips to Orlando since I started in 2017. They were in:

August 2017
June 2018
December 2018
July 2019
December 2019
October 2021
February 2022
March 2022
June 2022
December 2022
March 2023
June 2023

So five of my trips have been during the summer. This will not be my first rodeo. Yes, it is hotter and more humid than we ever get in the UK. By a large margin. And, yes, my June 2022 trip is widely regarded as having been a (partial) disaster, but that’s because I had COVID during the trip and stayed in bed in my room for 48 hours. My recollection is that my June 2023 trip was one of my best ever.

I’ve said many times before that one of the attractions of visiting Orlando is how physically different it is to being in the UK. I like the feeling of not being in Kansas any more. (Are y’all appreciating all the US cultural references I’m making?)

Equally I am aware that the heat and humidity can be debilitatingly unpleasant, which is why the focus of today’s posts is finding ways to mitigate this. I am very much alive to the risks and am actively planning to minimise the misery.

What other options do I have? I have to get away — and soon — or I swear I’m going to lose it. I need a proper break. And do I really need to justify to you people of all people why my choice is Orlando? The pre-planning notwithstanding, once you are actually there it is just so easy. Everything is laid out for you. And, as a solo traveller, there is the comfort of knowing that there will be fun, friendly people to talk to and interact with.

Pre-2017 I specialised in city breaks, but I grew tired of them. Once you’ve seen a dozen galleries, you’ve seen them all. And it can be really quite lonely if you go, you know, on your own.

I’m not in the mood for discovering somewhere new. I want somewhere comforting and familiar.

And remember: in August, I am doing a city break — to New York, with the gaggle. (Where, incidentally, the weather will be hot and humid and awful.)

Let’s focus on solutions, people. Not problems.


For the reecord, I knew you knew how hot it feels like, I just assumed it was a Celsius to Ferinheit conversion problem. Like me syaing how much something weighs in stones. I might as well guess what it weighs in Hufflematts.

But my mistake ignores the history that you lived in the US for long enough to know your Ferinheit.


But you said:

and I will not rest until I have the best best neck fan.


I probably understand Fahrenheit temperatures better than Celsius ones. The Celsius scale is all squashed up. The Fahrenheit scale seems to conveniently split itself into well-defined groups of ten: 70s lovely (for Britain), 80s still pretty nice but pushing its luck, 90s moving towards and into actively unpleasant, 100s now you’re just being silly.