🦡 Last minute trip booked — Now featuring LIVE TRIP REPORT!

I managed nearly a year without you people, which is pretty good going. But I’ve just booked a last minute trip to, well, you know where (yeah, yeah, can we not go there, please? — we all know how sensitive I am) and your advice might be appreciated :grinning:

Calvin is fine. Stronger than ever. But he now has three sisters: may I introduce Hermione, Bellatrix and Narcissa —

Paul and I have been on various adventures since I was last here, most recently a birthday trip to the Netherlands, where I joined @JuliaMc and family at Efteling. It’s wild. They have some great rides but also some phenomenal theming unlike anywhere else I’ve been. I recommend it. Here’s a random selection of pictures:

We also visited Amsterdam. The Anne Frank museum is superb and sobering, but the rest of the city left me cold and bored. There were no wow moments and there’s a heavy presence of tacky sex shops and drugs that mean I won’t be returning. Not recommended. This is the standard photo:

I actually have a few trips coming up. August takes me and the gaggle to New York. Anthony wanted a more real US experience. I haven’t been in twenty years. It now takes Disney levels of planning. And money.

Paul and I are going to Orlando in December. My first trip there in 18 months.

Or it would be, until today when I booked a week at WDW technically next month.

My lunch is ready. I’ll give more details later. I’ll leave you with this for now. I know you people like this stuff. It should score me some hearts.

Me at Thorpe Park

Paul at Efteling

Stuart at my birthday lunch

Calvin, obvs


So lovely to “see” you, Matt!
Great photos.
Glad you’re back!!


OMG I LOVE them :black_heart:🩶 :white_heart:

Love the names too. Who is who?? I hope Narcissa is the white one :crossed_fingers:t4::laughing:

Welcome back and have a great trip :yellow_heart:


Bellatrix (brown) and Narcissa (grey) are sisters in real life. Hermione is the white one.

I deliberately chose lady rats and was looking for suitable names. Obviously Harry Potter sprang to mind and I chose names I like rather than characters I like.

But the best part is this. Look at Bellatrix’s and Narcissa’s tails:

They have wands at the end of their tails! How perfect is that!


Perfect :ok_hand:t4::laughing:

They’re gorgeous :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


OK, I’m done with lunch. Let’s get down to business.

I was going to explain why I’ve booked a trip for next month, but do I really have to? You people get it.

So let’s talk about the parameters.

It’s a solo trip. I’ve really appreciated my friends during the last year, but I need some time alone. My dates overlap by about a day with @JuliaMc but mostly it’s very much a me trip.

This, of course, means there won’t be any pixie dust coming my way. It’ll be an old school trip. And I’m actually very excited about that.

I’m staying on property the whole time — seven nights at ASMo — and I don’t think I’ll be visiting UOR. I’m trying (ha!) to keep costs down. WWOHP can wait until December. I’m staying in the bubble and using Disney transportation.

I really don’t want to use G+ or buy any ILL$. This will be my thirteenth (uh oh) trip since my first in 2017. I’ve ridden all the rides. A lot.

I’ve bought the regular DDP — one TS, one QS and one snack per day.

UK tickets come with park hopping, and the water parks, and MM. I have the full seven days.

So what’s the plan?

Well, the plan is kind of to have no plan. To play bus roulette. Yes, I’ll shoot for BGs for GOTG (and maybe Tron, though I think it’s vastly overrated). I might crack and buy an ILL for GOTG. It’s the best ride at WDW. IMHO.

I’ll probably try to rope drop. With the jet-lag / time difference, it’s not difficult to get up early and my body clock hates me and wakes me up early anyway. Having rope-dropped on one of my trips, I did appreciate how much more peaceful the parks were. And cooler, of course. It’ll be June.

I’m vaguely thinking along the lines of rope-drop, eat, escape to somewhere air-conditioned (hotel touring) and then return to the parks in the later afternoon, after the rain and when it’s cooler.

What about dining? I don’t know. I watched a Mammoth Club video last night about making the most of the DDP and I would like to come out ahead. So I need to think carefully about my choices. Ideas so far: character meals (historically I’ve enjoyed breakfasts, but that might not give me the most bang for my bucks); Satu’li and DB7; Starbucks, blue milk and Dole Whip for my snack. Should I be making ADRs? I don’t know.

The overall theme is going to be: The trip I always wanted but never had. In other words, really exploring the parks and taking it all in. Rides are incidental. Yes, I’ll do FOP, but I’m fine waiting in that line if I choose the right time. I’ll use rope drop to score the top rides, but I’ll also try to zig when everyone else is zagging: no rushing for ROTR at rope drop for me.

I’m very open to suggestions: about dining, snacks, things to see and do. I’d like to do as many new things as possible. This trip is about the whole resort, not just the four parks. I may even give TL a go, after my disastrous H20 Glow Night last year.


I’m excited to explore all the new stuff at Epcot. It was all still wallcot when I was last there. And there’s the new nighttime spectacular there. It can’t possibly be as good as Harmonious, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with. Oh, and the drone show at DS will be a thing.

HEA? I guess I have to. Though I’m so bitter about how often Tinkerbell doesn’t show up when I’m there. It’s a real downer for me.

Fantasmic? Meh. It’s not for me. Sorry.

Will Tiana be open? Ugh. I almost hope not. I don’t want to get all frantic trying to ride it.


lovely to see you again!


Oh, also: how to get from MCO to ASMo. The bus companies merged, right? So it’s just the one service that works like the DME? Except you pay, obvs.


The plan is to relax, take in the sun (if available) and enjoy just being in the parks. Rides and treats are bonuses.

I would suggest taking time for some of the outside of the parks ideas people gave you a couple years ago. Those are the things I never get around to but can make the most lasting impressions because they don’t blend with other trips. A solo trip is the perfect time to try something different.

Also, I’m not sure if you were around when the months for Liner visits threads started, but there is one each month in 2024.


Yes, Mears took over, so if you want the bus that is the only option. Many Liners prefer rideshare or car service.


This is absolutely key, I think.

I want to actively seek out new experiences. When it comes to attractions they have to be only the very best, or the ones with lines worth waiting in, or very short lines. Shows! I almost never do those. Exploring resorts. That balloon thing at DS. OK, that costs money. But I’ll allow it. Also, the Rhinos and Elephants thing. Behind the Seeds? Finding all the gold statues (they’re all still there, righty?) and hidden Mickeys.


But they cost more, right? Though they’re faster, I guess. Do I want to be rushing to my resort to get to a park on arrival day? Or just chill?


Also, the really cool Harry Potter store at MCO. Can anyone go there? Can I get there from my arrival terminal?


I like the bus because I don’t mind wasting a little bit of time and I don’t have the stress of dealing with a poor driver. But that’s just me.


Booked :white_check_mark:


Cuteness overload!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tell me how you did that.


YOU’RE BACK!!! YAY! I was searching virgin atlantic’s site for a delta award flight the other day and saw the disney deal they’re advertising and thought of you.

(I used to be dboothsummers. @Flavita made me change my name. And like Taylor Swift.)


This is on my bucket list!

For TS, yes. If you have specific places you want to go. But availability has been a bit better lately.

Media Events are June 10-12th iirc. Might be off a day or two so shortly after that.
Generally guess is anywhere in the last 2 weeks of June.

Yes, very similar. It is the most economical. But it does take twice as long with the waiting and loading than a ride share would.

When it comes to the parks you couls make a TP and ONLY select the things you have yet to do. And work around them. Have you explored DS a lot? I haven’t so there is so many new things for me. And I finally did a round of mini golf at WDW. While a bit pricey, the theming was super fun.

It’s the only tour I’ve done but I loved it. I’m not even super into gardening but it’s fascinating. LwtL is one of my favorite rides.

They have 3 Universal Orlando shops. One in Terminal C and 2 in the A/B terminals. One in the east hall and one in the west hall.


Yea! Glad to have your and the gang’s adventures back.

Especially happy for Calvin pics and glad to hear he’s doing well.