June 23 Orlando Informer

Hi all! New to this side of chat AND to Universal Orlando(haven’t been since I was a child). We are going to the event in June. Wondering if any other Liners will be there?


I haven’t heard anyone mention they’re going to that one. I won’t be, sadly.
However there is some great OIM info in this recent thread…



I’ve been to two separate OIM events. I’m not going to this one.

(No June FL heat for me!!!)

If you do have any questions about OIM or Universal in general, please, don’t hesitate to ask!

There are a few of us here that make up the Ride or Die Universal Family. We love talking Universal and answering questions!


You can skip reading my very long trip report from my last UOR trip and get my thoughts on OIM only via this link


Thanks, that was an interesting read!

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I truly hope it helps!

My best advice is to make a plan & follow it! You are, basically, paying $1 per minute to be there!!

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We have a much more relaxed touring style now than we used to. I’m ok stopping to take it all in, and it’s ok if we don’t see and do it all. I did book both nights so that we’d have extra time, and we are already planning to go back in December haha. I’m just excited to be going period, and I wish USH had this as well…we just started talking about a DL and USH trip and it would be awesome to get to do on both coasts.

Same! Having an AP makes popping down and strolling around much easier. I just like to “warn” people that this event is pretty expensive for what you actually get. I hope y’all have a blst!!

I would love to hear your thoughts here after your trip!!!