July/Early August 2020 MM Share

Hi! We will be going to Disney World July 24-29. If anyone else is going in July or even in the first few weeks of August and would like to share the memory maker, please let me know! I have hosted about 5 or 6 shares in the past and it is super easy! I usually like to have a group of no more than 4 or 5 families. Thanks all!

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I am going august 7-11, and would be very interested in the share, I have participated in a few in the past. hope we can find a few more

Ok, awesome! I’m hoping we get a few more to join also! I will give it a week or two to see.

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We will be there July 25-28. If you don’t want overlapping dates, I totally understand!

I don’t mind overlapping dates at all! Great, then, that’s at least three of us! We’ll try to get one more! I’m on vacation right now, but when we get home, I will give you all my email address so we can start emailing instead of communicating through here.

It would be great if we could add another July or early August group. Bumpity bump bump!

Just want to chime in and say Nicole Marie hosted the MM I participated in in December and she was amazingly helpful and responsive to some of us newbies!! Hereby vouched for! :slight_smile:


That’s very sweet! Thank you!

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It would be wonderful to have another group or two! Bump!

Is this thing on?

Yes, definitely. I went on vacation for a week and then was catching up on some work orders. It doesn’t look like we have anyone else joining, so it will just be the three of us.

Oh, haha. I meant to bump the post. I see my post looks like I was asking if we were still on for the share. Sorry for the confusion!

Oh! :joy:

How it works is we all share a “dummy” account with the Memory Maker on it. You scan your MagicBand as usual in the parks, then use the “dummy” account to download your own pictures. The only downside is that with two of us in the parks the same days, you will probably have to sift through the photos on your days so you get only the ones of your family. Sharing makes more sense than ever right now, with limited photo opportunities and the masks instead of smiles; I can’t imagine paying $170 for a few pictures with masks!

I actually just purchased the memory maker yesterday! If you would like to join in, let me know, I can add you to our emails.

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We will be there July 20-24 Can we join in on the share?

I’ll make sure Nicole sees this! Welcome to the TP forums!!

Yes, definitely! You would be the fourth family to join. Basically the way it works, I have purchased the memory maker on a dummy account. We add everyone to the friends/family of the dummy account so that everyone’s photos show up on that account. You can then log in to the dummy account and download your photos. The memory maker is $169, split between 4 groups would be $42.25 each. I accept payment through PayPal. You can pay the $42.25 PayPal friends/family or you have the option to pay $43.78 PayPal goods and services (the extra money covers the “seller” fee). Once I have received your payment, I will give you the username and password for the account. If you have any other questions, let me know! :blush: This is the 5th or possibly 6th share I’ve hosted and never had any issues.

Ok that sounds great Also will we need a magic band to make it work? We aren’t staying on site so we won’t be getting them automatically but I will get one if we need one

When a photographer takes your picture, tell them you don’t have a magic band and they will give you a photopass card. They will scan that card and it will store your photos. I’m pretty sure that you can also use that same card to tap at the ride locations, but ask to double check. You can then link that card to the dummy account to download the photos from it. You definitely don’t “need” a magicband, it would make it easier for yourself, but it’s not necessary.