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I have a friend going to HS in mid-February, and is asking me about signing up her boys for Jedi Academy. How long does that usually take? She wants to do it first thing. Would she be able to do it pre-RD?


We were there on Tue 1/7. I had read that they aren’t currently offering pre RD signups so I didn’t even check since I had heard there is no need to rush to sign up anyway.

It was a 7am open and we went to Jedi Training sign ups about 8:30am. The first available at that time was 11am and the rest of the day was wide open (we did 1:40pm as the last thing before our mid day break). From what I’ve heard, that type of availability is very typical.

It only took about 5 min to sign up. The kid(s) participating must be present and they ask them a few questions. (Just a formality for my 10 year old twins. For younger kids, they apparently are checking ability to follow directions and not freak out when the bad guys appear.)


Nodding my head in agreement with everything @amvanhoose says above. We went on 1/14 and had that kind of availability.
HS trip report


Where do you go for sign ups? My son suddenly wants to do this.

Sign ups are at the red arrow, between the Indiana Jones Outpost and the Indiana Jones show. You meet back there 30 minutes before the show and then they walk kids over flanked by parents. The walk itself is super fun. The show stage is to the left of Star Tours (red circle). The audience is standing and mainly parents so there is no need to send someone ahead to save spots.

If I had really young children that might be nervous, I’d consider taking them to see an earlier show first. It would take some of the spontaneity out, but the youngest kid in my sons’ group was totally overwhelmed by it.

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Agree with above. Went on 1/15. Opened at 7 am. We went shortly before 9 to sign up. Earliest time was 1 p.m by the time we got there, but they had plenty later.

It only took us 5 minutes to sign up both of our boys. The first passed the test with flying colours, but our second refused to take instructions so they wouldn’t let him participate. Not terribly surprised. They are complete opposites!

My son had so much fun doing this that we will do it one more time during this trip so he can fight Vader next time.

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Hi! Can we line up at 8 (8am opening) to get the first choice of times? With all the reservations (fast passes, Oga’s, droid, etc) we have a tight window!

I would imagine you could line up as close to there as possible to get best choice of times when they do open, but I’m not sure if they open exactly at park opening or not. The nearest CM will likely know if someone here doesn’t have firsthand knowledge.

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Thanks!! :blush:

I don’t know why not. It isn’t as big a deal as in the past to rush and get there first thing, but if you need to have more choices, earlier is better than later.