I've Got a Really Good Feeling About This! A Weekend Getaway Trip Report

That’s impressive. I’m super jealous.

Any chance your mom would want to come and stay with my kids for a weekend?!


Alice is my very favorite of the “classic” style dark rides (in any park).

Storybook canals. See now I HAVE to take DD10 to Disneyland. She loves dioramas and I have been trying to take her for 3 years. (Long story of canceled DLR trips, will save for another time)


This sign caught my attention in June in WDW.


How sad. No DJ???


Now this sounds nice :heart:


29 rides - that’s insane!! So wonderful that your trip started off on such a successful trip!

Are you going to a park today or just hanging and going to the John-Frickin-Williams (dying of jealousy) show tonight?


Bonne journée, Jeff et Melinda!


When I rode Rise at DHS I timed the wait till the actual ride when you get inside the car. You mentioned you just timed till Rey. Is there a standard of what is expected for timing submission? For Haunted Mansion would be another. Are we supposed to time to the stretch room or the vehicle? I’ve always done the vehicle. ToT/GotG another?


Does this answer your question?

This was actually pretty stressful to get. I logged into the app five minutes before and it said i needed to reset my password! Suspicious activity, yada yada yada (probably just me logging in to DVC or something). Anyway, I finally get it set with like 10 seconds to go, then I log in and go to the virtual queues and get it to open like right at 7. I was a hair later than I would have been without that trouble, but it’s a good BG so I’m pleased.

They have discussed this before and I can never remember for specific attractions. But I remember them saying that in some cases they consider the preshow to be a substantial to the attraction and to stop the timer there. I can’t remember a definitive example though.


We left the room right at 7:30am and went to the GCH entrance to DCA, which was just a short walk and down the elevator. No line for security or turnstiles - we were checked and got our tickets (2-day PH - yesterday was 1-day 1-park since it was an add-on and they refused to upgrade me in advance over the phone).

Now we are waiting at the rope and will head to RSR. We weren’t here first but we found a spot toward the front.


When you have time, tell us more about your room: location, what you like, what you don’t like. All that jazz.

Excellent intel on room departure time to be this close to front of pack. Question: Is there a time or a plan of action which would make it make more sense to go to the main entrance of DCA rather than accessing via GCH?


Definitely enter GCH for DCA!


They dropped the ropes right at 8:00am with a little recorded program over the speakers. Then we “walked not ran” to RSR and are maybe 50-100 people back.


In before (before park ressie) times, I almost always used GCH entrance into DCA when going into either park. Even if I’m headed straight to Disney, I’ll cut through DCA first. I’m not sure why, other than to me it “feels” like the path of least resistance.

ETA: park hopper obviously needed then/now. Even tapping into the park you reserve first screwed that over for me. Aw, now I’m sad panda.


But this isn’t possible now, right? Isn’t park hopping only after a certain hour (why does 1pm stick out in my mind)


Right, that was my ETA. We were typing at the same time. I think I keep hoping we’ll go back to not needing ressies :slightly_frowning_face:


But with VQs/BGs that seems unlikely if they will keep the restriction in place of not being able to get for a park you don’t have a ressie for.

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Made it on RSR within 10 min of park opening. I counted 8-10 vehicles x 6 = ~60 people being dispatched ahead of us. Love this ride! The line was 50 min posted when we exited. :flushed:

Next we walked through Avengers Campus to Guardians. We walked straight into the preshow.




Just finished Soarin’ - 3 headliners in one hour!


Wait! Do I see a monorail in that first pic? I thought it wasn’t running? It keeps saying “closed” when I add it to a touring plan.