“It must come sometimes to 'jam today,'" Proving Alice Correct: West Coast vs East Coast Battle: Christmas, Part 2 (A Trip Report)

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For those that read last year’s report you know I had to bail on part 2 but I’m making it up this year. There is a final review of Disneyland’s version of the holidays including:

  1. Holiday Decorations/Ambience
  2. Holiday Food
  3. Holiday Rides (overlays)
  4. Holiday Shows

This will be tricky in some respects. My MK stay will be MVMCP to do more of the ride overlays and Christmas shows which in DL all that’s included with a day ticket. I won’t be considering that in comparing; just which one puts me more in the spirit. I can easily compare the two FotH by comparing EPC to DCA but where does Jollywood fit in?!?! I’ll do as many direct comparisons as I can (like the gospel singers, Hanukkah shows, fireworks, parade, etc.) and then an overall WDW rating for all the holiday stuff we rate versus DLR (with and without Jollywood ratings included for WDW).

I hope this is a bit less dramatic of a trip report than last year’s so the rules of the game include no one is allowed to need surgery or die and I think that’s pretty fair. (And this seriously goes out to my parents who are currently on a ship to Antartica in the Drake’s Passage)

Let the final countdown begin now the rules are clearly stated!


Yea!!! Glad the battle continues! Sending all the good vibes and noooooo bad luck!


Staying at Pop Century (for the first time!):
Here’s the Plan:
Day 1:

  • Winter Summerland round of mini-golf if we feel up to it and our flight arrives on time, etc.
  • Disney Springs: Tree Trail, Gideon’s special holiday cookies, Jaleo dinner

Day 2:

  • Gingerbread displays: BC, YC, BW
  • Flying Fish dinner
  • Jollywood Nights (Priorities: NBC, HiH, TTC-band, JBJM)

Day 3:

  • FotH (Focus on Canada - Morocco with CP dining package and SRT Luminous, all holiday performers in those countries and the snack booths in some of them)

Day 4:

  • Grand Flo Gingerbread House
  • Narcoossee’s dinner
  • MVMCP (Priorities: ride layovers SM, TS, Monsters Inc, MTP, JC and Shows: parade, fireworks, stage show)

Day 5:

  • FotH Japan - China with dinner at Takumi-Tei all festival performers and some booths in those countries

Day 6:

  • FotH Norway - Odyssey Pavillion including some food booths and holiday performers & ride layovers on LwtL and Figment (of course GotG this day too though that won’t be in the ratings since they cut the layover!) and dinner at Monsieur Paul

This is our plan on this day as well. We are eating at Rosen Crown that night. Maybe we will cross paths!


I sure hope so. I’ll be wearing this dress during the day:

(That’s not me I stole that image from Etsy)
Prolly with these ears:
and one red and one green converse.

At night for dinner (it’s going in a locker):


and these shoes:

(but I will be putting my sneakers back on for the skyliner/walk back!!!)

So look out for me!


I’m going east coast to west coast in a couple of weeks! I want all the deets! :grin:


I will for sure! I do not know what I’m wearing yet but I will let you know! Also, I love the outfits!! :heart_eyes:


Nice dress! So festive!


I had so much fun planning outfits LOL.

And then the best thing happened. DH is packing 3 days early instead of his normal night before at 2am keeping the one whose been packed for a week awake all night. But this time he was also excited about coordinating outfits he wanted to pack early! (Our last trip he brought up we should buy DVC) Disney converted him; I just had to lead the horse to water.


Can you help me understand your trip title?

Have the best, least dramatic time ever!!


Thanks! It’s been really fun planning the date night outfits and this is Christmas Eve after all so why not dress like a candy cane! The other outfit was from my supposed to be last year trip so just been sitting in my closet for a year waiting for its time!


Not sure if you mean where the quote comes from/what does it mean? Or why it’s related to my trip report title? So I’ll answer both and cover my bases :wink:

It’s from one of my favorite passages in Alice in Wonderland.

“The rule is, jam tomorrow and jam yesterday—but never jam today .” “It must come sometimes to ‘jam today,’ ” Alice objected. “No, it can’t,” said the queen. “It’s jam every other day: today isn’t any other day, you know.”

Which I interpret to mean we never get the good thing we remember and are looking forward to happening again.

So, in my interpretation of it here it’s because last year I was supposed to go to both DLR and WDW Christmas and compare them. Alas, I was not able to do the 2nd half at WDW because of my brother’s passing a few days before I was to leave. And so here I am proving that eventually the promised thing to look forward to is in fact happening.

Does that make sense or am I just crazy LOL?

And on a sad note, after I chose that title and walked away…I thought when it comes to seeing my brother alas there will never be jam today. So maybe the queen does win the argument?



An gotcha

I remember that. How is your family doing with the anniversary?


Well, my mom and dad are in a boat on their way to spend Christmas in Antarctica so they wouldn’t have to be home. They did find a church on the anniversary in Argentina and sat and cried and thought of him. So I guess a mix of broken but living life which I feel like is pretty much what we all do when we lose someone that close. We hurt and walk around always with a hole, but we laugh with family and friends and go on adventures and keep living too. I’m proud of them for doing that.




I am not sure whether Alice is right or the Queen is right, but I am sure that you are. I am looking forward to following along. I hope this trip is all you want it to be.


That’s so exciting! I have never been able to do them both in the same trip. Bucket list item!
I hope there is a trip report!


Thank you. All it needs to be successful is some shared smiles and that feeling you get when you’re in the world? Am I right? :wink:


Yes, right again. :blush:


Yup yup! I should be making one! I’ll create it closer to when I’m going. A little early yet.

Edit: I fail at grammar