Is June really that bad?

Hi there liners! I am a long time lurker but first time poster. I am hoping that I can get some opinions on whether June is really as bad as some people say for visiting WDW. Our family has always visited end of March through early April, however with the kids getting older (10yr old) it is harder to pull them out of school for a long trip. The school sends us letters regarding missing too much time, and the teachers want them to make up all missed work. That is very difficult when you are going to miss 5-6 days of school. So, this year we may be stuck visiting after school is out. We are looking at June 6th-15th but have heard that the crowds are really high and the weather can be an issue (both with really hot and humid and with rain). So, for any liners that have recently visit or regularly visit at this time, is it as bad as some say it is? I appreciate any info people have to share!


We always go beginning of June and will be in WDW during that same week this year. It is hot but not as hot as July- August. We always go at RD and take an afternoon break at resort to relax/go to pool. Sometimes it rains in afternoons. Evenings are really nice.


I have had great trips in early June. We had one this last year: Paradise Falls FLAGS Trip Report May 28 - Jun 12 - Walt Disney World / Trip Reports - TouringPlans Discussion Forums

I have had great July and August trips too. You just have to be prepared for heat and have ways to get rest.

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Welcome to the forum! It really is incredibly hot. I live in the South and it is too hot for me, especially if you will be maximizing your park time with rope drops and closing.


I always go in June or July. It is hot and humid, but it’s not as crowded as you’d think. It starts raining in the afternoon almost every day starting sometime in June, and it ramps up as the month goes on, so the earlier in June you go the less likely you’ll have rain.

It’s totally doable. If that’s the best time for your family, I’d do it. But just brace yourself for the humidity. Plan to be inside (meal, show, long indoor ride) or back at your resort from 1-4pm to avoid the worst heat. Bring ponchos in case of rain (and keep them with you!).


Is July more crowded since most schools are finally out of session. Many schools end in May and early June.

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We did the same thing - early June so kids could enjoy WDW without homework. 9 days. Ultimate trip!

June certainly feels warmer but I think it’s because we’re just warming up here in central Missouri. During the summer there are times when we’re warmer here than Orlando is, and just as humid.

So our temperature difference in June is greater. And we felt it.

We also managed to visit during a wet spell. Hours of downpours versus afternoon showers. Our plan of sleep in and be in the parks late didn’t work so great. We missed a lot of parks time - AK would simply close. Outside attractions closed. Stores full from guests avoiding the rain.

Definitely have foot wear that doesn’t mind wet. Fast drying clothes. Be flexible. Make ADRs early. Especially AK.

In hindsight we probably should have switched to rope drop followed by afternoon nap and back to the parks in case the evening wasn’t too wet.

No hurricanes. Just wet spell. We have had hurricanes when we’ve visited in September. :grin:

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We go often in June or August because I took the kids out of school once and it wasn’t worth it at all. Crowds weren’t much less than Spring Break and certainly not less than summer.

Too hot is subjective. We don’t find it hot but it’s hot where we live so we may as well be in Disney. If it snows where you live it will probably feel hotter. I wouldn’t camp during the summer but if you have an AC hotel room I think it’s fine.

It’s going to probably rain every afternoon though so I wouldn’t stay at a skyliner resort since it does down in the rain.

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I like this site for it’s graphs of various weather details. So useful to see the trends for the whole year. You can input any location. It looks like early June is slightly less humid than August. I’ve been there mid-July and early Sept, and both are beastly hot/humid with high heat indices.

Try putting in your hometown, to compare what you’re used to with Orlando.


That is dang amazing! Yep, my hometown and Orlando are between zero and two degrees different so that explains it. Thanks!

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The great TSI incident of 2021 still haunting you, huh?


Ya’ll didn’t even know there was a “Sweltering” band until I ran it against Phoenix.



But that low, low humidity makes the sweltering zone feel so good! (I was in Phoenix for 3 weeks late last May to mid-June, so I speak from personal experience.)

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Sweltering in Phoenix is MUCH nicer than Hot in Orlando, and that is a plain and simple fact. It’s such a relief to step off that plane in Sky Harbor and feel that dry warmth after being in a sauna for a week or two.

However, I’ll say that late August - September is the worst time to live here because by then you’re just done with the heat after 3-4 months of it, and are ready for it to cool off.


After reading the previous posts, I feel like I may be the only person that thinks June is crowded! To be candid… it will be swamped with people!! Even more so than in past years because of all the people coming for trips they postponed 2 - 3 times now due to COVID. Even using a Touring Plan you’ll want to adjust your expectations versus previous trips. you won’t be able to do anywhere near as many activities. (Plus, a lot of shows & etc… still aren’t back yet)

By Memorial Day weekend the parks are full until after Labor Day. It’s all just relative about “how crowded is it?”. Will you be shoulder-to-shoulder or have a foot or two between people?? Take a look a around blogs for pictures from this week. That’s what it’ll be like AND 100°F+ with humidity (No joking)

I’m from Tennessee, so I’m familiar with “southern heat / temperatures”. It does not compare with going into the Florida swamp area…It’s hot all day & night in FL!

Do not let your schools make you feel this way. Your child is not going to be “left behind” or going to suddenly forget everything they learned only 6 days earlier. Schools are under pressure to keep kids in classes because, based on the average attendance, that’s how they get funding. You don’t have to say a word to the school if you don’t want to… A “sick note” works without question…especially these days. “Child was sick and we took precautions” will be fine… If they want proof… go to the local “Walgreens Mini-clinic” or such at your grocery. They’ll take your $20 copay and write you a note without blinking.

Now, will that stop you child from bragging about their trip to other students?? Probably not, but the school will accept the “official” story. They’ve got too much going on these days to worry about one kid missing a week.

I have been in June a couple of times now.

Earlier in the month does seem to be less problematic in these ways than later.

But that said, I would never choose to visit then. Only as a last resort. Which it was last time.


I agree, but it’s relative. I looked back at the crowd calendar for 2019 and May / June / July was mostly in the 4-7 range, with only a few 8s and no 9s or 10s. The 9s and 10s were seen at the following times:

  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Spring Break (scattered throughout March)
  • Presidents’ Day
  • MLK Day (to a lesser extent)

So summer is busy, but not “holiday” busy. Some days it’s very manageable. And you never know what’s going to pop up to bring crowds around - a new ride opening? Pandemic waxing or waning? Suddenly Halloween is super popular like at DL? etc.

So my philosophy is to 1) try to avoid holidays if you can and 2) go when the weather is best among your available options. Summer shouldn’t be your first choice, but if it’s your only choice, don’t stay home just because it’s going to be hot and crowded. My two cents.


I agree. We would rope drop, stay thru lunch, rest in the room and come back at 6pm. It was beautiful. There are longer hours so you can do this. It’s hot in the middle of the day so go swimming. Wear breathable clothing and hydrate. You won’t remember the misery if you’re a positive person(I mean cup half full person)…just because you won’t remember it doesn’t mean there won’t be times you’re going, “It’s hot!”. You just won’t remember them in a few years, you’ll just remember the good stuff. And if you plan well you won’t be too miserable.

Like Jeff, I live somewhere hot (for me central Texas) so I’m also pretty accustomed to heat. It’s humid here but nowhere near as humid as Florida but it does get hotter though not as hot as AZ. Somewhere in b/w the two.

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Nicely said!!

I’m still in the group that says, “Just take them out of school… it’s really not a big deal!!”

I still think 2022 is going to be a mess overall though with people “coming back” to the parks