Inexpensive or free activities not commonly mentioned?

I am looking for your best suggestions for inexpensive activities in the world for myself and DD11. We are only going to the MK after hours and have a few others days with time to waste at the end of Feb. :slight_smile: I know about pools, arcades (not really cheap) resort activities, monorail ride, skyliner ride, mini golf. What other things could I do for fun and entertainment that are low budget? We will be at ASMovies for now unless a new RO discount is released ;). We aren’t doing any table service planned unless I find a last minute reservation and haven’t blown my budget yet lol.
Bonus points If it’s free and easy to get to with WDW transport. No rideshare.


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What’s your budget? First thing came to mind was mini golf, butI think it’s $14 pp.

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Evenings T the Boardwalk, watching the entertainment can be fun.

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When are you going? FW decorations at holidays are nice. FW has tons of activities- pony rides for about $8, chip n dale sing along. Not sure about now but ApA used to offer a drawing class a few times a day.

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Forgot about that

End of Feb so no decorations. :frowning: oh chip and dale sing along sounds fun! Forgot about that also!

Yes I do want to do mini golf, we’ve never done it there and DD loves it. That’s on my budget. We will be coming Off a band trip at UOR that I have no control of in terms of price so wanted the WDW part to be low budget.

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We love Disney Springs…especially in the evening, as it is getting dark. Aside from shopping, there is plenty of live entertainment to stumble upon. You can also hop on a boat from there to/from SSR, OKW, and/or Port Orleans.


yes for sure, was thinking about the boat to POR etc a little bit ago! my favorite boat ride!

Chip and Dale’s campfire sing along at Fort Wilderness is free


Archery at fort wildernesses. Not free but pretty cheap. Can rent bicycles there also.


You have to eat, so I would go interesting places for food. Doesn’t Wilderness Lodge have a fun QS? And Port Orleans? Maybe try the walk-up window at Beaches & Cream.

You could go to AKL and watch the animals from the public viewing areas. We booked TS there, but spent our wait watching the giraffes, and the platform wasn’t crowded at all. Resort entertainment staff invited us to a few activities even though we weren’t staying there.

Disney Springs is worth wandering through if you’ve never seen it. The outdoor Lego exhibits are impressive. Sometimes there’s live music, but I have no idea where to find out before you go. Also food.

You can view fireworks from outside some of the parks. Someone on here can advise you better than I can, or you can google “how to watch Disney World fireworks outside the parks” and get all kinds of suggestions.

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Question: are you a member of The Execs (to include Chapek and D’Amaro) posting under the guise of a guest so as to identify those revenue leaks that need to be stopped up???


The DVC community halls have crafts and games. Some cost a little money but worth checking out.

They have one at Kidani, Boardwalk, Saratoga, Bay Lake, maybe others,

Animal watching at AKL and resort activities there.

You could also find out what movies are being shown and on what nights at various resorts. I know the DIS keep a thread of each month’s resort activities. Could be fun to watch at different resorts.

I think many of the lounges do appetisers which might make a nice change food-wise.


OKW also has a community hall.

Also some resorts like WL and OKW have basketball courts, shuffleboard etc.

If you like Walt memorabilia both Riviera and Boulder Ridge are worth a visit, BRV for the Carolwood Pacific room with model trains and photos, plus there’s the Geyser and the Electrical Water Pageant that can be viewed from there.


There were ideas discussed in this thread not that long ago…


I do want to go to AKL, she’s never been. I have only been to Boma for breakfast. Where is the best viewing area? We saw nothing on that lookout right behind the lobby. But we really didn’t explore much there since we were eating also.

Thank you! I figured there was one but was too lazy to search for it. :joy:

LOL! I could only wish!!

I also have never been to beaches and cream and she loves a grilled cheese and myself tomato soup, so maybe i will make an ADR lol. She wants to go to Topolinos, but we’ve been there several times and this isn’t the trip for it. I thought about Ohana, she loves Stitch but again the price!