Included Early Morning Magic (EMM) in TouringPlan (TP) - TP seems to not get it right

I created a TP that included EMM in MK. It seemed to do the right thing in that my plan starts at 7:45 AM.
But it seems to do the wrong thing in that it recommends a FP+ for rides (Seven Dwarfs Mine Train) during the EMM and lists wait times of 20-25 minutes.

  • It would be wasteful to spend a FP+ during EMM (I’m not even sure if they offer them)
  • Wait times, even for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train are likely much less then 20-25 minutes during EMM

Do the TouringPlans understand EMM? Is it accounted for in the algorithm?

Hi @seth. This seems to be a problem that people have with the TP and EMM (see this thread and another thread)

Personally, I would just do EMM without a touring plan, because pretty much every ride in FL is a walk-on (aside from 7DMT with maybe a 5-10 min wait). There are no FPP during EMM, nor do you need one. You’ll be able to ride every ride in FL at least once, if that is your goal.

So, I would just start drafting your TP starting at the official park opening at 9:00 am, starting with the ride you plan to rope drop from fantasyland after EMM.


Thanks! That makes sense.

FWIW we were able to ride 7DMT 4 times consecutively with zero wait last time we did EMM in April 2019 :slight_smile:. Then at 9AM we saw the throng being led by Disney Cast Members to 7DMT


Nice! I think EMM is worth every penny, if only to see the rope drop wave moving towards you!

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Welcome @seth!! You definitely don’t need to have a touring plan for EMM, list the rides you want to go on in the notes and start your plan at 9:00. You should be able to get one or two rides in before you head off to breakfast. Maybe start your Fastpass time at 9:30-10:30 so you can head there first roght after breakfast.
We did EMM in 2018 before they expanded it… it was a highlight of our trip!!


Thanks all for the advice! I may be shoe-horning another topic into the thread, but I was wondering When do you think they will enable me to buy EMM for early April 2020? Phone rep said 180 days before (like dining), but currently as of today (July 4) they are only allowing purchase through end of August which is just shy of 60 days.

Also, I will be at the parks during a solid 10 crowds week (spring break, what can you do). Any risk of them running out of EMM tickets?

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Welcome @seth I have been assured we will be fine without a TP for EMM. But it sure is hard for us “planners” to not have a plan. But be assured this group is full of overplanners and if they say we don’t need a plan, we really must not need a plan.


Just keep checking. They just randomly released DAH dates for our Sept trip about a month ago. I’m not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to it, and the phone CMs don’t usually have a clue about when they’ll be released from my experience speaking with them. I’ve booked EMM several times now, once about 1 month out from our spring break trip (CL 10/10), and I have yet to see it sold out that far out.

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Oh, and by the way, regarding this…

That is most definitely because at the end of August, SW:GE opens, and that marks the start of EEMH every day at HS (6 am) and MK and AK (7 am) through late November. So I highly doubt they will offer EMM at fantasyland or TSL during that period.


I looked back on my Facebook group just to give you an idea. They released EMM on 10/7/2018 for January, February, March 2019.

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Check your plan again. I had a plan for EMM TSL and it looked good when I made it a few months ago, and then late last week it switched to 20 minute waits for everything during EMM. It was fixed yesterday and all the times went back to 4 minute waits.