TP Plan after EMM confusion

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving (predicted to be an EMM day) and confirmed to be a Xmas party day, TP has me waiting 30 minutes for Space Mtn even when coming from Cosmic Rays off EMM. Shouldn’t the wait be way less if we are already in Tomorrowland? Should I just start my plan after we eat breakfast st 9.45 with my FP+? Other posts thought we could easily RD Space after EMM and even squeeze in Buzz before eating bfast at Cosmic then hitting our FP+ (Big Thunder, etcz)

I know many people who do EMM wait until exactly 9am to go to “Cosmic Rays” to eat their breakfast. Could TP maybe be factoring that in? Thinking the best solution would be to eat from 9-9:25ish and then go to Space Mtn? I am guessing since your vacation is in November, that you are unsure what Fastpasses you will get for certain, so the plan might change completely after you evaluate/optimize once your FP window closes. I am doing EMM in June on my trip and TP has me going to “Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin” at 9:20 first thing. If I paid for EMM then I want to soak up every minute of the experience without stopping to eat. My first fastpass is not until 10 because I figured I would wait until about 8:55-9am to go eat, then be at my first non-FP attraction around 9:20. I would then fit in a few Tier 2 attractions in Tomorrowland before the bad boy FPs came into play. Just a thought as to why TP is making you wait…

I don’t care what the TP is telling you, DO NOT miss the opportunity to rope drop Space Mtn right at 9:00 am. Wait until after you RD a few rides before you go to the breakfast. I’d aim for right around 9:45 for Cosmic Rays.


I’d be continuing with rope drop rides until around 9:45 and then eating.

At rope drop, most people will be heading to FL. You could be riding Space, Buzz and even the Speedway and then going for breakfast. Rather than eating right at rope drop.

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Great minds think alike?!?:grin:

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Thank you! That’s what I thought. After EMM, i am planning on RD space and buzz and more if possible, a(and hopefully eating at 9.45), then fast pass to thunder, Stand by to splash, then stand by to philharmonic, then fast pass to other stuff. Thx.

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