Will you take a look? TP not calculating EMM time correctly

Hi all!
We are attending EMM on 10/9/18. I don’t exactly NEED my customized plan to time out the 3 rides available during EMM, but I would like it to tell me what we could ride starting at 9am (like BTMRR) if we want to get back in time to eat the breakfast starting at about 9:40am. At first EMM wasn’t showing as an option/question for the plan. I emailed the webmaster, they added it, and while my plan now starts at 7:45am instead of 9am, I’m not sure that the times are right?

I had put these in, based on people’s reports of what they’ve been able to get done, thinking we should be able to accomplish this without a problem:
PP x2
WtP x2
7DMT x4

The TP thinks there’s only enough time to accomplish this between 7:45am-9:00am.
PP x2
7DMT x3
It has placed the remaining rides during regular park hours. I’m reading over and over again that people were able to get alot more than that done during that time.

Here’s the plan: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=3209021

Ultimately I don’t need the EMM rides listed in the plan… I just need to figure out what I can accomplish right at 9am. So maybe you can help! Here’s my question:

If I want to leave Fantasyland right around 9am and ride something else when the park opens and then get back to Pinocchio by 9:40am:
(1) What could we ride? Just one ride? Two? Which ones?
(2) When do we need to leave that last ride to get back to Pinocchio in time?


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I think you have to decide what direction do you want to go in? I think you only have about 30 minutes, since I would be walking to breakfast around 9:30 ( it always takes longer than you think in wdw). You could go on small world and haunted mansion or sunder the sea and barn stormer?

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I think your best bet is to take the EMM rides out of the plan or only put in PPF since it is close to the exit for Fantasyland. Then optimize with your planned breakfast at Pinnochio Village Haus set for 9:40. That will let you see what the plan thinks you can do between 9 and 9:30.


We did EMM and this is very realistic to accomplish!! At 9 we headed to the carousel then off to eat, we were all hungry from being up so early. I wouldn’t venture off too far… you might get in two rides . I would plan for a ride that you really want to do first at 9am and pick a ride close by that if you have time you will ride.

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I think the best plan would be to do a ride near FL when the park opens at 9. We did HM and IASW and then did breakfast. I’m guessing the TP doesn’t know how to calculate wait times during EMM because we were able to do PP x 2, WtP x 2 and 7DMT x 8. And we stopped in to grab a drink and pastry at some point and then went back to breakfast around 9:40.


This is so helpful everyone!

I wonder if TP doesn’t know how to predict how many rides you could ride because it’s such a limited ticketed event so it doesn’t have much data/historical info to go off of to make predictions?

I’ll change the plan as suggested and plan to do a couple of rides near Fantasyland. I wasn’t sure we could get all the way over to one of the other headliners and make it back in time. Staying nearby feels much better!


We did BTMRR and splash at RD then walked in for breakfast 9:45-9:50am. Worked great for us. WtP 2x, PP 2x, 7dmt 5x for me and 6x for them Plus carosel

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Ok, so I tried keeping the arrival at 7:45am and deleting all the EMM rides except for one PPF. But then it started taking attractions that can’t be done until after 9am and putting them in the EMM time. (For instance, it was telling me to go see Tink at 8:19am) :thinking:

So now I’ve told it I’m doing EMM but not arriving until 8:30am. It’s keeping PPF at the top to be done during EMM just as it should. But it keeps telling me I can do Space Mountain and Monsters Laugh Floor and still get to Pinocchio by 9:45 but it just seems wrong to do Monsters first thing in the morning. :smile: It thinks i don’t have time (or will BARELY have time) do to do both HM and IASW before Pinocchio, but sounds like we would have time. I may end up removing IASW from my list of attractions completely, letting it tell me to only do Haunted so it’s happy, and then going over to IASW “off the grid” right after HM as long as it looks like there would still be time.

@Katie_Dawn2 set your touring plan for 9am & select “Let the Magic Begin” so it tells the TP you are in the park already… do not select anything you are riding during EMM… then optimize!! It should give you a better outcome.

Desire499mike, where does it say “Let the Magic begin”? I changed the arrival time and looked all around on that screen and the main screen for that plan and don’t see it?

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@Katie_Dawn2 you know how you select the attractions button to add to your touring plan… click that same button but scroll down past the list of attractions till you see shows & parades, it’s right below that.

I would suggest instead of optimizing your plan that you put things in the order you think you may do them & ‘evaluate’ instead.

I would suggest making a TP that starts from the time you intend to finish breakfast. You really don’t need a TP for EMM and as long as you decide in advance what your game plan is for park opening you’ll have a blast. Note that the line for 7d during EMM only had substance during the opening 15-20 mins, so head to WtP and PP first then ride 7D until your heart is content or park opening (whichever comes first!).


Thank you everyone for your help!