I want to go back!

I really enjoyed my recent trip (see endless trip reports by me for details) and I think about it more often than I expected.

I don’t exactly have regrets, but there are things I would do differently knowing what I know now.

Which kinda makes me want to go back and do it all again, but better.

Also, I feel like I never really stopped to smell the roses. I had a plan and I pretty much stuck to it, and that involved a schedule.

I’m not going to go back any time soon. I’m not leaving my dog alone again. So, you know, I’ll have to wait till that’s no longer an issue. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By then Star Wars and Toy Story will be built and bedded in. And Epcot will have all kinds of new stuff. Oh, and Tron.

What would I do differently?

I’d stay in a resort property. I think it would make things a lot easier, and I think you miss out on some experiences if you don’t. I really liked AKL, though maybe Yacht/Beach/Boardwalk would be more convenient.

I’ve realised I’m not really an MK kind of a guy. I’d give it half a day — mostly for HEA and Tron.

I really liked DHS and I’ll like it even more with all the new stuff. Ditto Epcot.

I was mostly meh about AK, except Pandora — so that’s worth a half day.

And I’d go back to Universal and do it more calmly.

Maybe I’d even do the Kennedy Space Center. Or try one of the other parks? None of the rollercoaster type rides thrilled me as much as the ones at Alton Towers in the UK (I’m talking Oblivion, Rita and maybe Smiler). But the motion-simulator type rides (FOP, Soarin, Spider Man, Kong, Minions, Simpsons, Jimmy Fallon) blew me away. Incredible.

I’d do the HEA dessert party but none of the others. And I’d give CRT and BOG a miss. I might risk California Grille provided I could be guaranteed a table with a decent view.

I might try one of the water parks. Or, at least, the hotel pool.

I think it would have to be Florida. Disneyland is missing Epcot and AK.

I really don’t enjoy flying. I might push the boat out and fly Virgin Upper Class to make it slightly more bearable.

Crikey. I better start saving now!


It’s an addiction. Welcome to it!


+1 the addiction got us hard too.

As for not enjoying flying, we don’t like it much either but from AU to MCO we upgraded to Economy plus. 5 extra inches of legroom and a bigger TV screen. We got a years subscription that lasted us the entire trip for every plane ride taken using united in 12 months. Was good value for the family, might not be for you though unless you end up taking more people over?

If you love HS and Epcot then disney swan or dolphin would be a great option - give you the percs of staying on disney property without having to save as much. We’ve stayed in yacht club and the swan and they are both great locations for epcot. I couldn’t justify paying extra for yacht club tbh.

Conversely I would stay at one of the deluxe Universal properties to get unlimited fastpass. We stayed at royal pacific. That calms down any planning for universal and makes it really easy. 2 or 3 nights there is more than enough to do everything.

Both can be paid for with avios points if you can start collecting them?

We had a day at busch gardens. You can buy fastpasses there relatively cheaply. I wouldn’t dream of doing that park without one It’s similar to alton towers but better.


:joy: So much for the “once in a lifetime” trip eh?

You’ve been bitten by the Disney bug! Seems like you’ve got some great ideas for your next trip.

What I would say is that MK and AK both have great theming in common. There’s a lot of “hidden” stuff to see, especially in Main ST and Adventureland, into Liberty Square. And Harambe too. And I’m not just talking hidden Mickey’s! You might enjoy a tour like Keys to the Kingdom or the Marcelina one in MK.

Kennnedy is well worth it. We usually do a couple of days there. Or take a trip down to the Keys, or Sarasota.

Anyway, good to see you back and planning - sort of planning then.

I got the addiction when I started planning for this last trip of ours. There was nothing I regret per se, but there are things we will do differently. I enjoyed going to the character meals, but next time we won’t do them. They were much more age appropriate for my daughters then. I will for certain do some of the bigger rollercoasters that we didn’t do this time due to their age.

I want to go back too!!!

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Just to be clear — LOL — I’m talking about my next trip being in about 2022 and possibly later!


My next trip will be in 2020. And I’m already planning it. You could say I’m a little obsessed.

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I’ve been able to justify going every 2 years or so as long as Disney keeps renewing the Armed Forces Salute discounts. It’s such a good deal. I mean, you’d almost be losing money by NOT going. :wink:


You should be going multiple times a year. Every time you go you’re saving money! If you went 20 times a year for two weeks at a time, you’d save so much money you could probably retire!


Yeah, I used to say once every 5 years. Then I found someone to stay with the dogs. It became once every 2. Then once a year. Now twice a year or more. There are worse addictions out there.

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Doesn’t DIsney have kennels?

Yes but @profmatt is from the UK.

Alas, they have a limit of 6 tickets per year using the Salute (~55% off), and there are 4 of us.

If I’ve understood your point you’re saying that you have two free slots and you’re inviting me to join you and take advantage of your discount.

I’m happy to accept and note that — speaking as a former lawyer — a binding contact now exists between us.

I can’t wait till our trip!



Fist thing I did when I returned with the family in
September is started planning my return next year to the Food and Wine Festival without them. lol!! Girls trip only. - And yes, it is an addiction. Ditto on the Salute to Service benefit - I can afford (ok stretch) and stay at the Grand Floridian.

BTW - You will love Boardwalk if Epcot and HS were your favorite choices. The only reason I am not staying there next time with the girls trip is well… Grand Floridian deal of a lifetime.

I think you might find the stop and smell the roses part might be the most dramatic change.

This year was our 3rd family trip. Because it was our 1st time ever at AK, we still really pushed it hard that day.

But in each of the other parks I left big gaps in the day to wander and it really changed the feeling of the trip.
(Especially for my DW who is a trooper and keeps up until she just can’t anymore.)

On our 2nd MK day it was especially noticeable: we hit EMH and ran through most of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland by 10:30AM, plus used some headliner FPP. Then we mosied over to WL to eat at Geyser point and wandered around the lodge for a nice long time.

When we got back to MK I finally got kids to listen to me and stop for SOTMK cards and we spent the rest of the day wandering to play that game while I scored FPP for rides on the way. It was still a physically tiring day because: walking. But felt SO nice to not be rushing ANYWHERE.

I recall driving home from our last trip, DW and I both felt like it was a nice vacation, but there was way too much Tension Convention getting everyone on the same page.

This trip we were all leaving with smiles and even somehow felt relaxed even though we averaged 25K steps a day. (And we took a a break day in the middle to play at the pool. (We did make a rookie mistake scheduling an ADR at Villa Napoli for dinner on that day: even if you do nothing else, that walk to the back of EPCOT is looooooong.)

TL;DR: The freedom of a mostly unscheduled day is relaxing.


I so get it… We have been 4 times in the last 6 years but we are taking an extended break for the construction.

I am saving now. My oldest will graduate HS in 2021 and she, her will be 14 year old sister and I will be doing a blowout for her graduation. At this moment she is still saying she wants that for a graduation present. I am praying she never changes, stays young at heart forever and we have the time of our lives.

Being a single Dad, some of my sweetest memories with my girls are at the most magical place on earth. Our Epcot nights especially are moments that got us through some tough times. It’s truly an addiction and welcome to the club.

2021 initial plan. ---- (pretty sure most of the new attractions will be open)

10 days 9 nights

7 at polynesian or yacht club (always wanted the PC but fell in love with and leaning towards the YC and its killer location). Might try AKL because everyone raves about it.

Then uber over to 3 nights at universal.

I’m already putting together some touring plans,
“I have issues but hey, if it’s the worst thing I have going I think we will be alright…”

Trip Report 8/18-8/22 (our last trip)


Do you have hotel branded credit cards in the UK? Get a Starwood branded card and you can stay at the Swan/Dolphin for free if you bank your points (+ resort fees).

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Get yourself Amex avios credit cards and start collecting the points

You can book royal pacific, swan and renaissance orlando with them depending which parks you want to visit

We also bought tickets to gatorland with the a avios points but we never went there in the end

By 2022 you should have amassed plenty of points

Just buy everything on card and it soon builds up