I’m giving up sugar

What we call squares here would be sold as ‘Nanaimo squares’ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nanaimo_bar

They’re delicious but terrible for you.

It was a hard hurdle to get past, but when you can finally not reward yourself with food, it makes a big difference to weight loss. I was able to replace it with buying small things for myself that I would reward myself with after a great day at work or tough workout. I keep the price around $3 so it didn’t get too expensive, but not taking calories as a reward is mega-powerful, and led to parenting wins as well, substituting for them with pokemon card packs or video game time.

Maybe you eat too healthily! I get warnings about keeping to my salt intake.


I doubt that’s it. Believe me! :slight_smile:

But taking a very quick glance, there is a “Show Diary Food Insights” checkbox in the settings that I have unchecked. I’m wondering if that is it? There are other settings, but that one stands out as possibly related.

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@amvanhoose I have friends from northern British Columbia, who would say that basically any dessert was a square, like the Brits say pudding for dessert. But when I referred to something as square after that initial discussion, they said I was wrong…so then I was super confused? Does a square mean something out of pan? I think it does, but again - they were very serious about the whole topic - so didn’t want to push it. Maybe it’s a regional thing? Maybe western canadians have differing opinions on dessert, like some say supper instead of dinner? Inquiring minds want to know.

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I think you’re right, I’ve never actually looked at the settings before but that one was on.

Hey @mousematt! How is your progress? Mine is better, but not great.

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14 days in — Wednesday weigh-in

I’ve lost five pounds.

British people (of my age) weigh themselves in stones: a stone is 14lb. I am 0.6lb above the psychologically important barrier of dropping down to the next stone.

That being said I am still four pounds heavier than I was at the beginning of my last serious attempt to lose weight in February 2015.

But I am at my lowest weight since I returned from WDW in December 2019 where, thanks to the deluxe DDP, I put on 4lb.


Well done! I was just wondering how it was going for you, as I continue to crave (and eat) sugar.


The secret has been to have sugar in things that I only like a bit so that it takes the edge off. For example I have a low-sugar jam that I put on a cracker and a wash down with loads of water. It kills the craving at very low sugar cost.


Good idea!