“I Love Waiting In Lines” T-Shirt

I believe in you :smiley:

it’s a bit of a tough one cause it’s only 5 words. (Well, 8 if we count he citation) but still. And the words aren’t exactly long.

But go for it!

Edited cause I’m a dummy who can’t count.

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My first thought was this :rofl:

But then this appeared :scream:


4 words ?

Whoops, miscounted.

  1. I
  2. Love
  3. Waiting
  4. In
  5. Lines


Well crap

I already thought of one

Now I have to mess with the artwork

I have roughly 5 hours of time available

Or maybe even two thoughts . . .

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Now I’m gettin’ excited! Can’t wait to see it!

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As it turned out - way less than 5 hours (life is what happens . . .)
but this is the gist


It seems to me this is the background


That looks fantastic!!! Well done!!

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Or there’s this


And vectorized. Even though the placement is the same as the written one(short of the word “love”), it seems a bit more loose once digital.

Forgive the colors, they’re just placements


this is my thought as well, perhaps even “Said no one…ever.”

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whoops. didn’t read far enough to see that you have already considered the word ‘said’. I like the hyphen in place of. I’d buy this shirt!


When I first glanced at the image, the capital letter I (eye) looks kind of like a one (1). Threw me for a split second. Is it just me? Maybe just add full serifs to it? Or, make the upper serif look more like @janamelia’s version?

the fonts i have on my ipad are pretty limited. The whole thing will need to tweaked in terms of fonts to get it more in line with drawn version. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it right away in case the idea was abandoned


It’s what I was thinking - working with the tools I’ve got (cave painting)

I like the love stacked like that.

I was thinking too anti-establishment with the waiting in line - was thinking digital letters. Conformity.

Fonts can be limiting but I don’t mind that font for the letter I.

Are we still looking for this type of a design with the calligraphy/ typography look? If so, for what quote?

Sure! Options are always good. I haven’t had time to vectorize the 2nd version from @janamelia,but I am gonna here soon.

And the quote is the “I love waiting in lines” quote.

If you want to come up with other quotes, go for it :slight_smile:

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I know something about typography. As in, large companies have paid me money to do typography for them.

The only job a hyphen ever has is to connect two words. It is never appropriate to use one in any other setting. For the record, a hyphen is a very short horizontal line -

Hyphens are often (wrongly) used when either en-dashes (so-called because they are the width of a letter n) or em-dashes are more appropriate.

The convention is to use a space before and after an en-dash, but no space with an em-dash.

This – for example – is how en-dashes are used.

Whereas this—in contrast—is how em-dashes are used.

Em-dashes are typically seen as old-fashioned and they can lead to awkward formatting in justified text.

So far as quote attribution is concerned, the use of a hyphen is unambiguously wrong, and I will fight to the death anyone who disagrees.

En-dash-space-author or em-dash-author are acceptable.

But only just. I much prefer to simply place the name under the text. If the quotation is italicised, the name can be set in the regular font. If quotation marks are used, the name can be placed unadorned underneath.

Matthew is always right
– Everyone

Matthew is always right

Matthew is always right

“Matthew is always right”


Matthew is always right