“I Love Waiting In Lines” T-Shirt

I’m not thrilled with the citation part, but I can’t think of a better font (it’s the just the italic version of the quote one). If I go too “scripty”, then it gets hard to read and I want to make sure it’s clear that so people DO read it and understand TP DOESN’T cater to the people who like to wait in lines.

I also think this one is going to require different colored TP logos depending on the shirt color. Red isn’t popping against the gray as much as I’d hoped. But White is going to compete with the quote. Hmmmm

Anywho…feedback away.


What if you changed the citation font color to match the color selected for the logo?

That’s better.


I like, but not on this gray. I think the red itself is the problem. It just blends

nerd alert: can you use smart quotes versus the straight up and down default ones?

because that’s all i see, but no one else will likely even notice (or possibly care). i feel like i ought to contribute something to the forum, right?

Heh, do you know the keyboard shortcut for that? Cause just typing “” gets me what you see above.

do i? but of course.

on a mac, it’s:

option [
for opening marks “

shift option [
for closing marks ”


Here’s where I think I would run into trouble. Normally, I prefer a navy, black, or a gray T-shirt. However, in Florida, I’m not so sure I would go with the dark colors.

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The final color will be up to the buyer. It just means we’ll have to make a few versions for them to choose from.

As far as the Smart Quotes…ehhh I’m not seeing a difference? This font might not support it.


edited to add: totally not a issue for anyone! like that you can choose your own color for the shirts.


Can I ask if it should be “I love waiting in lines!” said No One, Ever

I thought this is what is normally said, that’s what I hear in my head. Since we’re using quotations, as if someone is speaking, then it would make more sense??? Maybe it’s just me but the last phrase seems awkward w/o it.


I had thought the same thing.


I couldn’t read it in red but I agree


I saw Brian with a TP logo Magic band puck cover one time and wanted it. That will be my contribution. Even though Magic bands are dying…


That’s the point. First thought is “huh?” Second is “who’s “nooneever?”, third is…”ohhhh”

It sticks in your brain slightly longer, creating a better impact.

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Totally agree, 100%. It bothered me that it didn’t have the word said.

Alternatively, you can offset the citation with a hyphen.

“I love waiting in lines!”
– No One, Ever

But it has to be one of the two.

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Well, no…it created a, “This isn’t correct,” impact. :smiley:


The hyphen was there originally, but i had taken it out cause it was getting lost when I was using scripty fonts. I can put it back in, no problem.

Sometimes being incorrect is the better way to go. The brain automatically wants to correct things, thus staying on the mind.


Sure. This isn’t one of those times.

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According to who?

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