I loathe Disney

To make any kind of reservation at WDW you need a credit card on file to guarantee it.

I have such a card.

I have no difficulty in making ADRs, because I have a credit card on file.

But if I try to buy a customised magic band it cannot find my credit card. Ever. After much rage and complaint Disney gave me $50 compensation for this.

Today I discover that it cannot find my credit card if I want to make SWGE bookings. I could find available slots. No problem. I just couldn’t book them.

I am so fed up with how shit Disney IT is.

I am incandescent with rage.


Maybe, but Disney’s fecal IT does bring out your mastery of the metaphor- which tends to liven up the forum substantially.


It’s no help, but I do get it. It just shouldn’t be that hard.

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Here is your new avatar:



I’ve been considering cancelling my trip next July independently of this. But it may well push me over the edge. I may be done with WDW. And I’m not even joking. It’s a long flight. It’s expensive. It’s hot and humid. And it’s massively stressful and frustrating. I have other vacation options.

I’ve written another of my steaming letters of complaint and I’ve told them this.

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I recommend spending your money and vacation time at a place that makes you happy. If that place isn’t WDW, then go find it.


You should switch to LED. It’s more efficient.


Yes to all of this. And I’m not in a rage.
I went 5 years without (because I was so disgusted with the roll out of FPP) and had a lot of other fun trips in the mean time. I actually hate that I found a reason to go back this year (DD and Christmastime trip).

Have you considered other ways to enjoy Disney? DLP? DCL in europe?


So sorry! How frustrating!

Yes, you do.

We exercise those options quite frequently, ourselves, which is why we now go to WDW every 5 years or so rather than annually like we used to. This works out well because we appreciate Disney more when we’re there- five years is a good amount of time for new attractions to come online.

But there are many, many really wonderful places to see in this world, especially at Disney-level spending. It’s really an eye-opener to discover what kind of vacation that money can buy elsewhere.


In other words, it’s Wednesday.



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Really? You think that’s a helpful comment to make?



It was a joke?


There’s a time and a place. This wasn’t the time.

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Wait, you have to pay for SWGE? What?

He’s talking about things like Olgas and Lightsaber building

Ah. So, it’s not that he has to prepay, but they want a c.c. to reserve his time to visit. I get it.

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I found a work-around.

My dog has his own MDE account (obviously). He was able to book Savi’s Workshop with no problem.

I then subsequently managed to book Oga’s Canteen on my own MDE. After switching browsers. And changing to US English.

I’m less filled with rage than I was.


I’m amazed it let you switch to US English. The WDW website generally assumes I’m in the UK, and I can’t figure out how to convince it otherwise. I was trying to find ticket prices, and it would only give me pounds or euros.

Today the site’s not loading at all, so there’s that. This can’t be good for my computer:

Anyway, glad you found a workaround.

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