How many people here who visit the parks have an Apple Watch?

We’re discussing potential features for the future of Lines (Lines 2.1 and beyond), and something I thought would be useful is an Apple Watch app, which could show you your next step in your current plan (allowing you to start a timer from it or mark it complete, as well as re-optimize), show you a running timer (allowing you to stop & submit it), and show you all the current waits & showtimes for the park you’re in. Along with allowing you to receive any notifications from the Lines app, on your watch.

The question is, do many people here have Apple Watches, and would a Lines app be useful, in terms of showing very specific data for your current day in the park without having to take your phone out?

Edit: There’s a poll further down in the comments


I would appreciate the ability to mark a step complete and see next step on an Apple Watch app. A wiat time feature would definitely make the process easier as well. The less I have to stare at my phone, the happier I am on vacation.


I have an android watch and think this would be incredibly helpful! Even just seeing the next step on the plan pop up on my phone without having to take out my phone. But it would be great to start/stop the timer too!

Yes! Timing wait times is nearly impossible (for me) because I feel like I’m always fumbling to put my phone away and end up neglecting to stop the timer!

Marking a step complete, seeing next step, and timing ride waits would all be useful on my Apple Watch.


I have an Apple watch and think that sounds great.

I’d like to see it done, absolutely. Anything that streamlines the information is great.

The electronic version of my TP is often abandoned for a paper version because it’s just way easier to constantly be checking. Making it as easy as checking my wrist? I definitely see that as a win.

Then add in the possibility of notifications for my fast pass window opening up makes it even more so.

One suggestion I would have for the timer on the watch would be a periodic vibration to make sure you don’t forget about it. Which is 99% of the time when I go to record a time. I start the timer, get on the ride, and then i’m off the ride onto the next thing…19 minutes later…I suddenly remember I had a timer running on my phone. Whoops.


Oh I would love this on my apple watch! I have a first gen though, do if you could make it 1st gen compatible I’d buy it!

In the spirit of getting more participation in your question, I do NOT have an Apple Watch and honestly don’t plan to get one. But I think this app sounds like a great idea and I wholeheartedly support the initiative. :slight_smile:


If anyone decides to do this and needs a beta tester, I’ll be down there in June. I definitely think a timer and the ability to work through a would be great.

maybe i shouldn’t answer this, as i don’t have an apple watch. but, as someone who likes these sorts of things (and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that i may have an apple watch one day), it would be a great app. i don’t use the lines app in the parks because i don’t want to keep getting my phone out. if it’s on my wrist, it’s getting used.

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I do not have an Apple Watch and can’t imagine ever getting one but I know people on chat have mentioned they would love it.

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I would love this!

I would probably get one just to use this!

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I have been planning on getting an Apple Watch mostly to use in the parks but debating how useful it would actually be without MDE. This would fill that gap especially if it could provide current wait times!

I have an apple watch, and I love this idea. As other’s have said the timing feature and next steps would be amazing. I kept my phone in a zipped bag so I wouldn’t lose it on rides and it wasn’t really convenient to get it out between each attraction when we visited.

This was me my on our trip! I was so excited to add wait times, but then I’d get caught up in the excitement and forget to stop the timer… I think I timed one ride correctly in 5 days :rofl:


Sounds great, but I do not have an Apple Watch, nor will I get one. No one I know has one either…

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Yes, that would be awesome, hate having to take my phone out all the time to check app for what’s next, etc.

Here’s a response from a liner on chat who doesn’t use the forum: Can you add “votes” in from here for those of us who don’t use the forum. I’d love the app for my phone. Oh, and if they could add the app for MoenFlo and Santa’s bag that would also be helpful. Thank you.

This has been a wish of mine for years.