How many people here who visit the parks have an Apple Watch?

I would love this.

The wait timer should be easy to incorporate. Agree with a reminder to stop it as I also forget most of the time.

Maybe a way to set certain notifications depending on your needs? I’m specifically thinking about “ride down” and “ride back online” notifications. We used to obsessively stalk the Lines app so we could hop in standby right as something like Splash came back online.

And way back in FPP days we stalked for down rides so we could rack up some Anytime FPPs. Who knows if that will ever be a hack again.

Yes! I would use this, probably more than the app. I hate having my phone out at WDW

YES! I have an Apple Watch and would enter a lot more wait times if I didn’t have to have my phone out. Also would love to see when FPP times are (if/when they come back) I get so sick of pulling my phone out of bag to check.

I would love to not have to be taking my phone out. Would love to see next step and be able to time.

I also would love an Apple Watch app. I would find that really convenient.

I do not have an apple watch, and I do not plan to get one. However a Lines App for the watch is a fantastic idea!

The only apple I have use for better be covered in caramel


Apple Watch user & would love a Lines app!

Both of my DD’s have an Apple watch and one or the other is usually with me in the park. We would definitely use it.

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Yes! Great idea!

I have an Apple Watch and I think this is a fantastic idea!

I have an apple watch and would love this feature!

:raising_hand_woman: Took until version 6 to get an Apple Watch - zero regrets. (previously a FitBit user)

The ability to submit a wait time would be an excellent feature…as I always forget :woman_facepalming: (I usually remember I started a time after I got off the ride - when I go to look at my phone again)

Where’s @Jeff_AZ with our poll? :rofl::joy::rofl:

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Ask and ye shall receive …

Do you have an Apple Watch?

  • Yes and would use a Lines app
  • Yes but would NOT use a Lines app
  • No but would use Lines app if / when I got one
  • No and don’t plan to get one / wouldn’t use Lines app if I did

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'der it is. :slight_smile:


I imagine next step, timer, and marking complete would be plenty of things for the watch. Looking at the whole park on a watch would be difficult!

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Yes! Yes!Yes! Wear mine daily. Love the “bump” alerts. That would be handy when my FP time approached. Or when I could make my next FP (assuming that comes back) . Also would like if it had links to my TP for alerts

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Fixed it for you…


Yes but y’all will need to explain how it works