How many people here who visit the parks have an Apple Watch?

The only apple I have use for better be covered in caramel


Apple Watch user & would love a Lines app!

Both of my DD’s have an Apple watch and one or the other is usually with me in the park. We would definitely use it.

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Yes! Great idea!

I have an Apple Watch and I think this is a fantastic idea!

I have an apple watch and would love this feature!

:raising_hand_woman: Took until version 6 to get an Apple Watch - zero regrets. (previously a FitBit user)

The ability to submit a wait time would be an excellent feature…as I always forget :woman_facepalming: (I usually remember I started a time after I got off the ride - when I go to look at my phone again)

Where’s @Jeff_AZ with our poll? :rofl::joy::rofl:

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Ask and ye shall receive …

Do you have an Apple Watch?

  • Yes and would use a Lines app
  • Yes but would NOT use a Lines app
  • No but would use Lines app if / when I got one
  • No and don’t plan to get one / wouldn’t use Lines app if I did

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'der it is. :slight_smile:


I imagine next step, timer, and marking complete would be plenty of things for the watch. Looking at the whole park on a watch would be difficult!

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Yes! Yes!Yes! Wear mine daily. Love the “bump” alerts. That would be handy when my FP time approached. Or when I could make my next FP (assuming that comes back) . Also would like if it had links to my TP for alerts

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Fixed it for you…


Yes but y’all will need to explain how it works

Can you add “I have a non-Apple smartwatch and would love the app!”

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Ha ha! I wish I had thought of that. You can’t add an option after a poll has launched but hopefully your voice will be heard regardless. :slight_smile:

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This sounds like an awesome enhancement. I am with some others I have never really tracked my waits because I forget to start and stop it. Seeing your next step and being able to complete it would be useful.

We have Samsung Galaxy Active2 and would love a Lines app for in park use!


I have a series 2 Apple Watch. I used it to embarrass myself countless times at Disney by trying to scan it instead of my magic band. A Lines app sounds like a great idea and a much better use for my watch. :flushed: :laughing:
I agree with other commenters that a watch app could make things easier by lessening the need to switch back & forth between apps or even get the phone out at all in some cases. :+1:t4:

Someone (@daybreaker?) should modify the title of this thread to indicate there’s a poll. :smiley:

I’d buy an Apple Watch and definitely use it this way if the phone was built-in, Dick-Tracy style. Until then, for me it’s just more thing to break/lose/forget.

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