How Good is Buzz Lightyear?

Huh, maybe I’m missing a super awesome technique! My shoulder hurts because I guess I use my whole arm, albeit in a small way, to pull the string. I put the string between my ring and middle fingers and then use the bigger muscles (bicep mostly?) in my arm to pull the trigger. That way I’m not using little muscles in my forearm like I would be if I used my wrist to pull the trigger.

I’m not sure if I’m describing this well.

How do you use just your middle finger? Or are you talking about BLSRS? I use my thumb there - it was a fun day when I learned you could just press down on the button constantly. Although I still find myself pressing the button as needed sometimes.

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Hahaha, me too! Only if I’ve reached Galactic Hero will I try to smile for the picture. Even then I’m usually off by a flash or two.

Nope, wasn’t talking about buzz, toy story all the way. Middle finger, no shoulder at all. Hand, wrist and forearm only. If I placed it inbetween my ring and middle finger, I can duplicate the same motion I’m using. It’s more like you’re trying to wave an unpleasant odor away from your nose (like flatulence,) OR, like you’re trying to cool off a hot bowl of soup but more rapid, only flip flopping with enough motion to shoot.You don’t need much. Almost no muscles above the elbow are used once you figure out how much you need to pull back and release the string.

  1. Buzz is less jerky IMO & you don’t have to worry about distorted screens or glasses falling off.

My 3 year old cried on TSMM because of how jerky the car spun. We rode Buzz 5 times :woman_shrugging:

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You people had one job.

Ugh. I’m trying to decide whether to book an FPP for Space Mountain, or Buzz. I’ve looked at Buzz videos online and the theming looks cool. But if the ride is basically MIB with Toy Story theming, it may be a one-and-done for me. Maybe. I’m not very good at making up my mind. You wouldn’t know this. I hide it well.


Well, why didn’t you say so?

Book Space Mountain. While it’s no StarPort 77, StarPort 75 at MK is must-do for me when I’m in the World, while Buzz is a definite maybe.

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The wait for Buzz has ALWAYS been much longer than the wait for Space Mountain when we’ve been there. So, I’d definitely book an FPP for Buzz over Space Mountain.

Say wha? :thinking:

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@profmatt remind me of what day again?

Definitely book the FP for Space then. Space is a clear headliner and often draws very long lines. Buzz is a lot of fun, but the lines are far more manageable. You also will have a better shot at a 4th FP for Buzz as compared to Space I’d expect on most days…

Right this second (~11 AM) the Lines app has Buzz at 35 minutes (posted 50) versus Space at 61 (posted 70).

I’m drawing a line. You two are being taken off my Christmas card list.

Finally. A clear and sensible suggestion.

I can only speak to personal experience. Space Mountain, for us, has always had waits that were usually half the wait of Buzz. Often, Space Mountain was nearly a walk on. Buzz has never been CLOSE to a walk on, ever.

Having said that, we ALWAYS go during off seasons. Perhaps that makes a difference.


Now I’m even more confused.

Book for Space. No question.

Here are the Touring Plans best SWAGs for wait times on 7/1 for the 2 rides (don’t remember if 7/1 is your MK day, but I know that’s the right ballpark - you can tweak the date in the link for your exact date):

Buzz is a shorter wait all day projected by TP so if you’re riding both, the FP for Space will definitely be more valuable. If you can’t wait for the other, then it’s a slightly tougher choice, but I’d still go Space as it is an E Ticket headliner, while Buzz is not. Although I’d try to do Buzz standby if at all possible as it is fun…

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I’m being hilarious. Do keep up.

One minor consideration is the quality of the queue. Space Mountain’s is cool and indoors. Don’t know about Buzz’s.

Interesting. Thanks.

Well, OK, then. In that case,


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Mainly indoors and cool, if I recall - we only rode at night last trip so it’s hard to remember.

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Buzz’s queue is a mix - if long you’re outside for the first part which is likely miserable in July. Once in the building you get AC and a fairly enjoyable queue with lots of bright graphics, an animatronic Buzz etc. I’d guess the indoor portion of the queue is more in the 15-20 minute range though so if the line is long, you’ll be in the bad queue for awhile…

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