HHN 32 News, Updates & Planning

Happy Halloween on this July 13th!!

Time to start talking HHN32 I guess…

Multi-day Tickets are on sale and we now have 3 houses confirmed -

The Last of Us
Stranger Things 4

ST4 was announced this morning and merch is already in shops!

I saw Season 1 of Stranger Things and though it was “good”. I was actually disappointed it didn’t wrap up then. I understand it was a hit and that meant extending the series. I tired Season 2 and stopped after two episodes. Am I missing something? Get me hyped for a ST HHN32 house!!


Last year & this year I bought the Rush of Fear pass that allows you to go to ALL the nights in September. The price has changed. It’s up from $149.99 to $179.99.

Adding UXP to the ticket for every night is $350. It went up $50 this year. It does include UXP for both the houses & rides.

These prices may sound high, but the pass “pays for itself” on the second night. I’ll be going to eight nights of HHN32.

This makes make cost per night with UXP - $66.25 + tax! That’s a bargain in my thinking. It’s actually my motivator for going for as long. I’d be “losing money” if I only went 4 - nights!! :rofl: :crazy_face: :innocent:

My final total was $1128.88 for both DD & I with UXP on the tickets.

There is something “new” this year. You have to tell UOR the first night you intend to use the pass. I’m not thrilled about this “reservation system”. It’s no big deal, but annoying! DD is arriving “after” the start date, so it’s still valid.

I don’t know why anyone would pick any date other than Sept. 1st if I can start the ticket any time AFTER my start day. :man_shrugging:

They did do really well about putting pop-up before any time you could check out saying what was required to go to the event and what tickets did / didn’t get you into USF / IOA.

Now I just need to know the rest of the houses!!!

I really liked the 4th season. It tied a lot of things together. I recommend pushing thru.


With regards to Chucky, the original or is there a remake? I like to watch the things. I’ve seen Stranger Things 4 and The Last of Us.

Think I found the answer:
" All we know right now is that it’ll be based on the SYFY/USA series “Chucky” instead of the movies." ALL the 2023 Universal Halloween Horror Nights Houses That Have Been Announced - AllEars.Net

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I’ve seen the show and it’s actually alright!

They had Chucky props out last year and the announced this house the day after HHN31

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Season 1 and 4 were the best, I found 2 was ok and 3 was the “worst”. Season 4 does tie them all together and I second pushing through.

That makes sense! I couldn’t finish S2. If I just watched S4 would I be totally lost? (could I look up a recap trailer, wiki or YT?

Have you seen Max and Billy?

You may be able to find some stuff on YT with recaps.

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I think you gotta push thru.

I’ll try! I’ve got to binge Last of Us now too! :rofl:


Rush of Fear was $129, it went up $50. It was a flat $50 increase for passes, $100 for passes w/ Express.


love that one!

I would’ve sworn it was $150 last year…thanks for the assit!!

no problem. hhn guide part 1 goes up friday.


At least it is only one season! Amazing though

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When do we think we will get the next announcement?

It’s so unpredictable! Everyone on social media complains about it!! :rofl: :rofl:

Last year Universal did a great job of giving audio stories about the lore of the houses. They were great & when I got inside I felt more connected!

My DD listened to them by the pool at our hotel after we got there and had been a couple nights. She found the houses even better knowing the stories!

Here’s one of them

We got the full line-up of last last year by the second week of August! I looked through the podcast listings and saw the one for “all houses reveled” aired on 8/16/22. By then though I already knew them all.

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So announcements should start coming relatively fast and furious from here on out then! Or maybe we can at least get one a week haha. I’m impatient!!! editing to add that i didn’t know about the stories! I’ll definitely look for those this year!

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If I remember correctly (it was my first HHN so no promises) they announced like 5 of the houses one at a time and then did the rest on a “full reveal” day.

If anyone else can remember better than me, please, chime in!

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