Help with organizing on-site reservations

Good morning!

We are getting ready to book two rooms for an April 2020 trip. We are renting DVC points at BCV and will be getting two studios, but I have a few questions about which way would be the “best” way to organize the trip.

Room 1: Me, DH, and the littles (5&7)
Room 2: My mom and possibly my mother-in-law (or brother - we won’t know the 2nd person until closer to 180 days out)

Should I put both reservations in my name? If I do that, do I need to be listed as a person staying in both rooms? Or, should I have the 2nd reservation be put in my mom’s name? If I do that, can I still use my email address as the contact address, or would that mess up MDE?

I want to retain control over both reservations. For one, I’m paying for them. My cc will be linked to both rooms. Also, I want to handle all of the scheduling and planning. I do have access to my mom’s MDE app, so I can at least go in and link the hotel reservation, but I’m worried about things like magic band delivery and magical express scheduling.

I guess the bottom line is I want to be able to track everything myself! :smiley:

Sorry for all the chaotic questions, and thanks for any tips or advice!

To keep it simple, I would just keep all reservations under your name–the 2 rooms, ADRs, etc…run it all through your MDE because as you say you want to maintain control and do the planning.

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We have two reservations, one in my name, one in my mom’s name. I am organizing everything. I have both reservations linked to my MDE. I am able to customize Magic Bands for both reservations. I have also made sure that everyone is linked so I can handle all of the ADRs and FPs. I can’t speak to ME, we are renting a car.

*My mom also has an MDE account, but it only shows her reservation, not mine too. She can customize those bands if she wants (well, she could if she knew her username and password!!).

Thanks! Is there anything special that you had to do to see your mom’s reservation on your MDE? Did you add it in the same way you would add your own?

This is our first time staying on site, so I’ve never had to link a room before. :smiley:

Thanks so much! It’s helpful to know that I can do this with the reservations in two separate names!

Just linked it like I did my own.

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I’d like to add that I found it very helpful to make a spreadsheet to manage everything. One of the many useful bits of advice I’ve gotten from Liners.:two_hearts: It’s time-consuming but with that many moving parts, being able to look at everything at a glance is very useful. It allowed me to pick up problems which I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Then you can send it to all the members of the party right before you leave so they know what’s going on. But not any sooner, so they won’t have time to meddle!

Which reminds me, I better get that sent out!

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Great idea! Is there a template or anything floating around here?? :smiley:

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This is the thread that convinced me to make a spreadsheet. There are many pictures and links in there, you’ll probably find something you like. I think I used a copy of @TheProphetPaul’s spreadsheet.


I agree with @Pod - being able to see everything on one page (or one screen) is incredibly useful. I actually use PowerPoint for this (you can also open these files in Google Sheets).

Simple itinerary here
Detailed itinerary here


Thanks so much everyone!!!