Harry Potter in a Day during the Pandemic

I’m headed to Universal for one day only, October 19th. I am focusing on Harry Potter but might do other things if time allows. My question is that the TP plan for Harry Potter in a day has you starting at USF and heading to IOA mid-day. However, on October 19th IOA has early admission which I assume I qualify for since I’m staying onsite. Wouldn’t it be better to start at IOA and try to ride Hagrid’s before the regular open hours start at 10:00 AM?

I’m really hoping lines are minimal on a Monday. I’ve given myself approval to add a second day if I need to, but that decision will be made at the park.


Did you check to see if Hagrids is opening early these days?

I thought I just read in another thread that Hagrid’s was open for early hours???


Here’s a trip report w/ HP details

It is listed

Yes, go to early admission and do Hagrid’s first. It is the best ride in Orlando right now. So unique, so fun! Where are you staying? The onsite hotels are fabulous!


Thanks! I’m staying at Endless Summer. It’s dirt cheap. I have two nights there then switch to Old Key West for one night and then AKL for two after that. It will be an adventure!

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When did they add it to early hours? Before or after the closure? It was not open until regular hours when I went on it in December.

It was just announced this week. Probably trying to increase onsite stays!


Ok! That makes sense. Still no EP?

No EP yet, it seems like it took years for the other HP rides to get it.


Some APs allow early entry too

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I’m just here to agree with everyone. Go to the EE park - which happens to be IOA (very lucky!!)

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So my next question is what rides outside of WWHP should I prioritize if I have time? Give me your favorites!

Revenge of the Mummy is my MUST DO at USF

Others at USF

ET is a personal favorite, but it’s an oddball “Peter Pan’s Flight”. (If you don’t love the movie it may not be for you, but it is the last OG Universal ride still at the parks)

Simpson’s - Can make some ppl nauseated though

Rip Ride Rocket - but I LOVE coasters & it may be too extreme for some

Spider-man is the IOA MUST DO!

Others at IOA

Jurassic Park River Adventure - Yeah… you’re gonna get a bit wet. However, when the iconic music plays & you pass through those big wood gates it’s soo wonderful

Not a ride, but I would make time to do the Raptor Encounter! Best “character” meeting in all of Universal

Skull Island: Reign of Kong

(Even though I love coasters, I typically avoid Hulk. The launch is amazing, but it beats the hell out of me every time. It’s a one & done per trip & usually the last ride of the day so it doesn’t ruin the rest of the time.)


ET is a classic, we never miss it. It’s like Peter Pan, only without any line!
Mummy, Hulk, Rip Ride Rocket if you like coasters.
Spiderman, Simpsons and Kong are good too. I can do without the water rides, don’t like to be wet and they will soak you.
My favorite thing there that isn’t a ride…the new Bourne Spectacular show. Make time for this, you won’t regret it. Second show choice would be the Horror Make Up Show.


Is the Simpson’s ride the same one they have at US Hollywood?

Is that a 3D floating car ride? If it is- that’s it. The Mummy might be my favorite coaster anywhere, just because it is just fun. If you like big coasters, Hulk and Rip Ride Rocket. I think everyone should do Spider Man.


These 4 are definitely the unmissables.


I’d plan on riding Hagrid’s at least twice. It has to be the best ride in the world. You’ll want to ride the train both ways because its different each way.