Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster opens May 27


Super excited! We will be there the following weekend! Camt wait to ride. Wonder if it will be a VQ to start?

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I have a quick trip planned for May 25 - 28 to watch my brother’s band march in the MK parade and an Epcot reservation for the 28th, so I’ll be watching this closely!

@len and Jim Hill discussed this on the most recent Disney Dish podcast. They’re pretty sure boarding groups will be used starting out for this ride. There is a media event scheduled for May 4th through 6th and then probably two weeks of previews for CM, DVC and AP


Yes! We will be there the 3rd week of June! :slight_smile:


Our last park day is May 26. Planning universal for the 27-29. I’m so bummed.

We have Epcot reservations on May 28. It’s going to be nuuuuts but I cannot wait!!!


If they figure out a way to charge for it, absolutely! :joy:

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The dates for CM previews went out a few minutes ago. I’m trying to get them confirmed.

So far the schedule I have is this:

May 4-6: Media Previews
May 7: Golden Oak/Club 33
May 8: The first potential date for DVC/AP previews

As far as boarding groups go, I’ve been tracking the ride’s downtime. It looks like formal testing started around the middle of March. It’s averaging an hour of downtime per day since then.

That might sound like a lot, but for perspective, here’s what other EPCOT attractions are averaging in downtime per day over the last few weeks:

Frozen Ever After: 75 minutes
Remy: 75 minutes
Test Track: 114 minutes

Still, I’d expect GOTG to open with boarding groups for a couple of weeks.


Does anyone have that link bookmarked to sign up for AP previews?

And a link for DVC previews? I would be over the moon if we could do this on our 5/15-5/22 trip!

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For Remy an email was sent if you had a reservation.

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Hmm. Now to decide if it’s worth bumping up my reservation in August to a Deluxe (lowest is increase of $827 for WL Std King, next lowest is AKL Std for an increase of $936) for the evening extra hours to better my shot at it…

Or I could just keep my reservation at a Moderate and scrap Studios (not a huge issue - I’d just really miss Fantasmic if it’s going again) and add a third day at Epcot…

That’s a lotta freakin money to ride one ride. Way more expensive than ILL :wink:


Our last day in the parks is May 27. We were planning on doing highlights at all 4 parks that day. Current reservation is at HS with the plan to hop to Epcot. Trying to decide if I should switch my park reservation to Epcot to get a better chance at riding Guardians. What would you do?

Do you think it will even be available during the extended evening hours? Thay would be cool.


By that argument I could just stay at an All Stars rather than POFQ and save even more money. (Pop or AoA are out because it’s late August…prime thunderstorm/weather time for the Skyliner to shut down - or I’d do Pop in a heartbeat.)

Fingers crossed we get that invite!

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Gonna be there on May 30th and June 3rd, so I’m excited.


Good use of 1975’s “Love Rollercoaster” by Ohio Players in the trailer. Earworm, but fun! I like the vibe that song gives to the anticipation for this ride.