Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


Agree with @carthy15 MaxPass was really awesome when we were there.

I still love WDW though.


Love this.


Well thank God that’s over with.

Optional musical accompaniment to the forthcoming hooting, shrieking, rending of garments, gnashing of teeth, and shaking of fists to heaven:


We visited this summer and our family’s take home was that we liked it better than WDW for a variety of reasons. It’s just much easier for us to get to FL from NY than it is to get to SoCal…

MaxPass is even better than Legacy FP IMO. We scored GOTG five times and RSR three times in two days.


Ok so I have this…

March 25-30- room only at All Star Sports- will cancel
March 30-31- POR /2 days worth of tickets- will keep
April 1-4- DVC stay only- will keep

April 3rd and 4th- fast passes booked

Will I lose those fast passes when I cancel the room at All Star Sports, because if so we will most likely do DAH


Why would you lose the FPs if you’re keeping the POR stay?


Because it’s not clear what will happen to FPs booked as a result of a reservation that you later cancel.

They get the 60 day window based on the All Stars reservation. So by cancelling that one, will Disney cancel all FPs, or only the ones for the duration of the cancelled reservation? It isn’t known yet what will happen.


My TA said that I wouldn’t lose them since they are tied to the POR reservation which is what I thought as well.


Of course dont know 100% for sure until I cancel it.


I have the same predicament. I have a leading reservation that I am cancelling right now (actually on phone waiting for them to cancel and move funds to other dates) for 3/27-30. We have DVC rental 3/30-4/4 and CSR 4/4-4/7. I did not know until recently exactly which dates 3/27-3/30 or 4/4-4/7 we would be at WDW (the other dates we are at Universal). I will be upset if we lose our FPP, but I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. My FPP are for 3/30-4/7, all dates we will be using them…but they were made with a reservation where the dates to start FPP were for 3/27. I am cancelling before the new policies start Monday, hoping that means we won’t be affected. I am curious to see how it plays out. At least with DAH and EMM, there are options for the headliners. It will cost a pretty penny though! We were already planning HS DAH and possibly MK DAH as well. Will have to add AK if we lose all our FPP, but hoping this doesn’t happen.


Unclear until everyone sees how this potential new rule shakes out. Did you book your FP at 60 days prior to your March 25 res at all star sports or did you book FP 60 days prior to your April 1 res at POR? … that might factor into the equation depending on how the new rule works…and that assumes that there actually is a new rule implemented.


I don’t know anything about it, but my guess (and it’s just a guess) is that the system will check for a reservation and if it finds it for the dates of the FPs, everything will be fine. If not, they’ll cancel. That’s what I would do. But then, I don’t work for Disney or work on any kind of customer service systems, so it’s only a guess.


Will be waiting for your results. I too think it might be best to cancel before Monday.


Waiting for your results.


Reservation cancelled and still have my FPP, but will see what happens on Monday. I too think they will just make sure you have an onsite stay on days your FPP are booked, but who knows. I feel better having the extra reservation cancelled.


Great. I will go ahead and cancel mine as well and report back.


It’s just so complicated anymore…


Cancelled the room but the fast passes are still there, for now at least.


Yes it is. Makes Disneyland seem better everyday! I grew up going to WDW though, and it feels like a true vacation (plus we enjoy Universal Orlando a lot). Even though DL is closer to us, I miss things from WDW whenever we are there, like Epcot and AK, plus we eat a lot of TS restaurants and that is such a small thing at DL. It is becoming a huge pain to make a WDW trip worth it just for rides though.


The mood of DLR felt more vacationy to me tho. It didn’t seem intense. And we liked the QS a lot. Maybe just bc novel to us?