Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


Maybe this change will help make that less of an issue.


?? I don’t understand.


I think he’s assuming that a lot of people using the throwaway room technique will no longer be able to and therefore more SDD will be available closer to 60 days. Also, if you’re going after SWGE is open, SDD FP will probably be easier to get too.


Yep , exactly what I meant. :grinning:


There is a video out there that Len was in (and probably created) in which he and a few others tried out different touring plans to hit those 3 rides. As I recall, they determined it was a pretty reasonable amount of time to hit 2 of them at rope drop and FP the third. I could be wrong because I stay on-site, but I thought these days you have a decent chance to get one of those Tier 1 FPs at 30 days … is that not right?

Now FOP and SDD are a different story.


Yep conclusion was FPP Test track and RD one of the others, as TT is most likely to be down and convert into an anytime.


Here is the link

I love this entire series of videos they did together!

Also a good site to see what’s available at 30, 60 and 90 days is


Wow, talk about cheating the system then bragging about it. Yes, I am that person.I am going to report this to Disney, because this is rubbing me the wrong way. Have a good day! :slight_smile:


For those three, I’ve had great success on multiple occasions with the following:

  • RD FEA
  • Do my 3 FastPasses early, so my third FP is for Soarin around 11:15
  • Redeem the Soarin FP a little before 11:30 and then get the 11:30 TT drop for about 1 in the afternoon.

If you miss the 11:30 drop, either wait for the next drop or just refresh until you get a late TT, and then use the modify trick to move it up.

I rope drop Frozen because I’m usually coming from the International Gateway, but it would be easy to RD Soarin and use my tier 1 FP for Frozen…


It seems like Disney know about it and are putting systems in place to stop it. Things like this annoy me too but there will always be people looking to cheat the system and probably never enough of them to impact your experience.


This ^^^^^^!

With the tens of thousands of people staying onsite (literally, some resorts have over 1000 rooms, with 4 or more to a room), there would not be enough FPs for everyone onsite to get FoP,

Although things like this happen, there are not enough of them to directly impact you or me.


I understand what ya’ll are saying. I don’t care if this practice only affects one person. It is wrong, and I have already e-mailed multiple people on Disney’s leadership team directly. It just makes me feel better to have my voice heard. If nothing happens, fine, but I aired my concerns.


I’d never tell anyone not to air their concerns and I’m glad it’s made you feel better.


Sad sad day for Sneaky but this is fair game and I’m ok with it. If they close it then fine. I will continue to use the loopholes that are still open.


Late to the party, as always.

Wow. So many strawmen in this wall of text that one would suspect every ear of corn and stalk of wheat as far east as the Urals is safe from avian ravening.

For me, the fastpass, throwaway room folderol isn’t about ethics, but the expression of douchebaggery. I remain unmoved by any argument which says the world is improved by willful douchebaggery.

If one wants to reserve and pay for an accommodation which won’t be used, or pay the cancellation fee to release it, in order to get fastpasses in advance of others, knock your personal selves out. In the first case, the person who wanted the room or campsite to use could’ve reserved as early or earlier than the fastpass person, so arguments about denying opportunity are pure sophistry. In the latter case, that room’s going back into inventory and stands a high chance of going to someone who’ll use it.

If one wants to leverage Disney’s not tying the validity of fastpasses to a concurrent reservation, OK I guess. Seems pretty douchebaggy, though. I suspect that person will express his or her douchebaggery in other ways that will redound to his or her determent.

There’s a 100% chance Disney knows about this loophole. I’d lay odds there’s been a calculation that the cost in software development to fix it (which I guarantee you is way more than those who blithely think it’s a simple fix say) is more than the soft costs of lost customer goodwill or spiffs given to placate complainers.

As for calling much of this discussion judgmental, well, it wouldn’t be a Disney forum if there wasn’t any. If one could capture all the judgmentalism in the various Disney fora and convert it to electricity, I’d expect there’d be enough to supply all of peninsular Florida. In summer. And that doesn’t take into account the more subtle, self-serving judgmentalism from those who think they’re the “smarts” for knowing how to use these kinds of loopholes, and how they’re able to put one over on the rubes waiting in the endless standby lines.

But hey, I’m just a cat, stirrer of pots and pusher of things off counters. And a louche, degenrate, semi-local (thus a destroyer of all that is pure and wholesome in the Sacred Space) one at that, who more often than not parks his personal self all afternoon in the various parks’ more quality drinking spots.


Cheers to that!:slight_smile:


Disney has wayyyy too many hotels now that get 60 day FPs. Maybe it would be better if DS hotels went back to 30 days.
Who knows.
I actually stumbled across the OP subject on accident a year ago, canceling a resort stay and changing dates. I have never made a reservation stay and canceled it at 30. I like to stay onsite tho. :slight_smile:


This past August we RD FEA then went to Soarin’ then used our FP for TT. We rode all three by 45 mins after open. It was a lot of walking but it can be done :smile:


Good to hear this. :+1:t3:

I’m actually very turned off WDW again at this moment. Having my great dislike of FPP stirred back up is making me wonder if I even want to go back.

Even with a throwaway (throwaway = paid for in my book) I have my rides rationed at WDW. Maybe I need to just return to DLR? Lots to think about.


Come over to Disneyland! I love the MaxPass system!