Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)

Got my fast passes today for April 2nd and 3rd thanks to the reservation at All Star Sports that is about 5 days ahead of my real check in with my real reservation. I will cancel the All Star Sports reservation once I get inside my 30 days frame. Got FOP, which was #1 on my list.


The First Rule of The Trick Which Must Not Be Named is that we don’t talk about The Trick Which Must Not Be Named. :wink:

Congrats on getting the FPPs that you wanted!


If you’re staying on site, how necessary is this really? According to this TP article the only rides with no FPs at the 60-day mark are FOP and sometimes 7DMT. It just seems like more work for not much advantage.


You do get greater availability of times and also have an easier time with larger parties.


Add SDD to that list…

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That makes sense. Thanks!

No way I would have got FOP without it. During the first week of April, I little doubt I could have gotten one at 64 days out. This way I got it at 69 days out.


Sneaky approves :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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There is much debate and controversy about this. I had even toyed with the idea of a “throwaway” campsite…except that I had no intention of cancelling it. If I’m going to “abuse” the system, I should be willing to pay for it. But I definitely have issue with cancelling the reservation, but keeping the FP, as it ultimately keeps legitimate guests from gaining access to the FP. Ultimately, after much debate on the subject here on the forums, I agreed with the general consensus that most likely, even though I was going to keep the reservation and pay for it, I was ultimately keeping some other family from staying at the campsite who otherwise could never afford to stay on property.

If the FPPs are that important to you, I suggest you NOT cancel the room and at least pay for it.

Just my two cents. Or maybe three. Inflation. You know.


This has been my standard practice for the last 3 visits and never had a problem. Now wait until you figure out how to really take advantage of RS. That’s when things get really sneaky.

I feel like closing this loophole would be easy for Disney. Like fp are connected to your reservation then if that reservation is cancelled so are your FP.


Or simply move the cancellation date up to 30 days.

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I agree. I think eventually they will do that. But there are corner cases that they have to account for, which is why I don’t think they have. For example, if I go in and cancel one reservation in place of another, the FPs should carry over. People would get upset if they lost their hard-earned FPs if someone messed up the order of processing things in the system. Until they can guarantee that, I’m sure they are a bit stuck.

(We all know how many issues Disney’s IT infrastructure has!)


Right that is true.

If I was Disney (or maybe, more aptly put, if Disney was me), I would allow the system to “bank” scheduled FPs. If a reservation is cancelled, the associated FPs are banked for some period of time. If a replacement reservation isn’t scheduled for similar dates within that period of time, the banked FPs are removed. If a new reservation IS scheduled, the banked FPs can carry over. Exact details/timing to be worked out. But it wouldn’t be terribly difficult to implement such a system. I’m sure someone could figure out some way to abuse it…but it would be much more difficult to.


We were there Christmas week (which is VERY busy) and we were able to get all of the hard-to-get FPs at 60 days ahead of our 1st night.


I did this too for our trip in Dec, but I went whole hog and booked a fake leading reservation for 14 days. Could Disney do something about this? Almost certainly. Do enough people do it for it to matter? Probably WAY less than Rider Switch abuse and Rider Switch abuse is still probably .001% of guests.

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It’s only a matter of time.

Sorry. I think it’s hilarious that you were trying to come up with an ethical way to do what you regarded to be an unethical thing. Those pesky principles are hard to put aside, even when you really, really want to. Like trying to subtly flick a booger off your finger.



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