Got my fast passes today with the help of a leading reservation! (changed from throwaway room)


It says in that link that there would be a 2 day grace period before they were cancelled. I definitely think there will be something in place, they know people change resorts.


That isn’t an official link though, just people speculating.


What will be interesting is to see the rules on it. There might be a way to still use it. IE, you have a 4 day trip. Book a 14 day trip and get fast passes. If you modify it to say a 2 day trip that ends after your departure. You could then cancel the trip after you have left Disney. Will the coding be able to go and find your fast passes and cancel them. The 2 day grace period leads me to believe there are still going to be ways around it.


I know it’s not official but if you believe the rumour that they are going to cancel FPs, it seems reasonable to believe the rumour that there will be a grace period, even if the length might not be certain.


This makes my head hurt and also makes me glad that I don’t try to exploit loopholes. Too complicated for me.


Haha…you run a risk by exploiting it. Say the coding is sophisticated enough to cancel it. You would potentially lose out on fastpasses until 5 days before your trip. That would leave someone scrambling to get fastpasses booked with limited availability.


I’ll take your word for it.


This is exactly my point!! It’s so much work to go around the “rules.” I’d much rather just rope drop 7DMT than have to be scamming an early fastpass.


I am guessing, as long as you have an onsite stay on MDE, you are ok-?
So curious to see how they do this…
If so, then those who book an “advance” stay in front of their real stay, could be ok if they cancel the “advance” stay after they are within 60 days…
If so, then Disney is trying to stop the campsite throw aways and people just staying offsite booking fake reservations

Should be interesting seeing this play out :slight_smile:


I know it’s speculating, but Rteetz has a very good track record of reporting rumors that do come to pass.


How are they going to track it with the neighbouring hotels? That doesn’t go through their system in any way, does it? Or do you add it to your MDE? And if you cancel, do the hotels notify Disney? Because you wouldn’t.

Maybe they’ll start giving people a code for early FPPs that is tied to their reservation. If you make a new reservation, you put that code in the system and then cancel your old reservation?


Agreed. He pretty much runs the Rumours board on the DIS.

And he contributes vastly to WDWMagic.

He certainly has several contacts inside WDW in different positions, and isn’t one to casually throw a vague CM gossip type rumour onto the forums.


Yes, you have to add your reservation to MDE to be able to book FPs 60 days ahead. That goes for onsite and the DS resorts.


Oh boo. This is disappointing for me. Enjoying rides is the number one reason my family goes to Disney. We simply can’t afford onsite. We cancelled our 2014 trip once I realized we would have reduced chances to ride our desired rides. I’ll have to see how this plays out before I pay for tickets. It would stink to buy tickets, activate them, and find out 30 day’s out we couldn’t get FP+.

FPP already limits derided and tiering rations, but to not even have a few big guns in the bag is too big a risk.

Glad to have this info so early into my planning though. Rteetz is usually accurate.


But you can’t RD TT and Soarin’ and Frozen at the same time.


Do the campsite booking instead, that won’t be affected by this. The 60 FPP is just a bonus, if you’re driving anyway. You get two days free parking, for up to two cars and up to ten magic bands! That’s up to $250 value. Our campsite cost $88 and we got $125 value from it plus the 60 FPP.
Booking then completely cancelling was always a bit shady. I’m not sad this is being stopped. I’d be surprised if it worked for modified length rather than cancellations though. So you’ll probably find you could book two weeks at the campsite, then modify that to one day after the 30 day passes and still be fine. I’d guess it’s only complete cancellations that kill the fastpasses.


I’ll be watching.

Someone in the other forum suggests the first few days option might end up divorced from the additional days, if I’m making any sense.

I’ll try to stay informed. I’ve got quite a while…


Worst case scenario just the one night gives you 60+1. That was enough for us to get 3 FoPs, and everything else except SDD which we’ll RD one day. It’s certainly made our trip easier to plan even if it didn’t give us everything we wanted, and I’m fine with that.


And honestly, I could just book it the night between DHS and AK.


Depends when you’re going but right now you need 60+5 to get SDD - it’s crazy